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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, February 26, 2009


We recently advised a client who became the MD of a major builder.

He came up with the idea for a major building project: so he got a bonus for that.

He identified the site and acquired the land: so he got a bonus for that.

He instructed architects to design the buildings; which they did and won plaudits for the exciting and innovative design: so he got a bonus for that.

He put the building work out to tender and saved the company a fortune by hiring Botchski & Sons at a quarter of the expected price: so he got a bonus for that.

The houses were built on time and on budget: so he got a bonus on that, and retired as a giant of the industry.

The land is contaminated with toxic products and a swamp to boot. The houses are utterly impractical and uninhabitable. And falling down. And the company is going bust.

But if it wasn't for the low tax personal rates then all that talent would have not have been attracted to British business, and they would have gone off elsewhere depriving us of the invaluable skills. So it's thanks to Labour/Tory fascination with the rich and greedy that we have achieved so much for the economy.

Our client now draws his very large pension and will shortly start work advising the public sector on 'best practice' in the construction sector.

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Anonymous said...

Even if you were to go out and shoot the bugger, his wife/partner/nominated benefactor would get half that amount per annum. he entitled to take any of this pension pot as a lump sum?

Anonymous said...

I hope he doesn't read your blog!

Anonymous said...

16:05 TODAY

What makes it worse is Captain Darling Could have stopped it he reveals. "I thought he had a legal entitlement - THOUGHT! why not get one of your thousands of fing flunkies to check!!

Makes Toad seem quite capable.

Anonymous said...

Darling: Please don't take all the pension or I'll look like a twat.

Goodwin: Fuck off you impotent tosser.