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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Have a kid - avoid jail

The call from the Children's Commissioner (I bet you didn't know we had one!) not to jail parents without considering the impact it will have on the children must rate as one of the most ridiculous proposals I have heard for a long time.
The commissioner added that his suggested course of action could also tackle the high prison population.
Yes, by putting criminals on the street when they should be in jail.

This is an opportunity for social workers to plead yet another set of mitigating circumstances to keep those who should be locked up in the community; where they can continue their criminal ways.

If anything, the Children' Commissioner should be advocating both sides of this argument equally.

There are many circumstances that I have seen and know about, where the best thing would have been to send one or both of the parents to prison and get the children out of a destructive and dangerous household. That would be the best for the children in many cases, and may prevent the creation of criminal dynasties as the kids take after the parents.

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Flirty Gerty said...

I don't know about having kids to avoid jail: I've been considering asking for a nice restful stretch to keep me away from my kids during the summer holidays. Thank God they're back today [swigs heavily from gin bottle, lurches unsteadily down the Narrows....]