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The truths they don't want you to read....

Friday, October 07, 2011

Gritting contracts

The goat has been well and truly scaped.

The Councillors were given an informal and off the record briefing on Monday night which was complete-ish but meant that there could be no discussion during the rest of the week about the utter mess that the tendering produced.

There is an internal audit report in progress that, I believe, tells a different story.  No doubt the embarrassing bits will be edited out before the Councillors get to see it.

Just so that no-one is in any doubt, although the entire tendering process is managed from top to bottom by a small and very powerful group in the Executive Office (the Chief Executive's dept), they are found to be utterly, completely and totally blameless in having anything to do with the tendering process being wrong.  After all, it can't be their responsibility to check the facts....


Conned-tractor said...

Email today....

Additional information has been issued for a notice on your interest list. The notice details and additional information are shown below.

Notice ID: SEP100226
Title: Ice Gritting and Snow Clearing 2011 – 2015
Authority: Comhairle nan Eilean Siar
Please note that a duplication has occurred in transposing figures into Appendix J. As there are no P1 Priority Routes in this Lot the number of runs for Route 8 North Uist and Berneray should read P1 – 0. P2 – 30, Full – 20. Please amend your copy of Appendix J accordingly.

Mileage wrong. Number of roads wrong. What next???

Anonymous said...

I bet the fat controller in the executive's office had a lot to do with this can't get the prices right so they look at the other contractor to see if in house can take the cream B......s they should all quit or be sacked

Anonymous said...

As a Storois exile in the capital, the distance helps clarify what is happening here. Think trams. Major issue to the elected turkeys at the 'coonsil'. A few years ago the Transport Division compiled a regional approach to transport integration and designate Ratho Station as Edinburgh International Airport with an autotram link to Ingilston and the Airport. The ARL (Airport Rail Link) then put most of Scotland and the NE of England within a two hour travel distance of Edinburgh Airport. Cost £2.5M. Time was six months.
The Glasgow MSPs and MP and exMPs went and concocted a scheme and sold it to the elected turkeys in Edinburgh to protect their weather affected airport.
I see the same thing here in that the cabal of Labour members have got together and tried to pin this one on the Transportation Committee.

Throw the turd, then point out the splat but do not own up throwing it.

How are the people that threw the turd here, and are they doing the pointing.

Incidently the use of Storois has earned me a decent pint.
And Christmas is coming.