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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Street lighting

As I drove into wrok very early this morning, the reason for the metal attachements on the trees in Bayhead palypark became obvious.

Beautiful blue lights, to guide the competitors from the Whisky Olympics home; in the absence of street lights.

I went to take a photo, and in the 15 seconds that passed between exiting the car and coming back out from the office, the street lights came on and the fancy lights went out.

Can some other early bird take a photo and sent it on for use on the site, please?


Anonymous said...

Surely you can get up early one more day for art!

Anonymous said...

what adverts?

Anonymous said...

Well did you make it up this morning? You could not have got better weather for the photo.

Angus said...

I was up at an early hour, just not in Stornoway.

Flirty Gerty said...

I'm no good at photos but I walk the dog early and got a lovely view of them this morning.

They've also suspended them under the Bayhead bridge - wonder which poor cove got that job to do?