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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Mobile phone coverage

An online report indicates that (some) of our connectivitiy problems may be solved...
The UK's Chancellor has confirmed that the government will sink £150m into buying up cell sites with the intention of extending rural coverage to 99 per cent of the population.
Ofcom will advise the government on how it should go about spending our cash on sites for base stations to be utilised by multiple operators, with the intention of creating greater coverage for existing networks and encouraging operators to roll out next-generation services to the edges of the UK.
Details are still scant, with more to come from the Department of Fun (properly Culture, Media and Sport) at some future point, but the basic idea is to buy up sites during 2012 and make them commonly available by early 2013. Operators will be able to move in cheaply, to provide service to the six million or so people who currently aren't getting blanket coverage today, hopefully with 3G or 4G services, but at least 2G.
I just hope it is true, and reaches here.

The top-secret final submission from the high-tech high-speed node-sniffers at Bayhead, is shown below, and no doubt influenced the Chancellor greatly.

"You can only get a signal if you stand to the left of the wooden sheep"

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Anonymous said...

Do the numbers: UK population = 61.8 million. 1% of that is 618,000.

So if coverage reaches 99% of the population, only 618,000 people in the UK will be unable to get service. What makes you think this will make any difference at all to the Western Isles?