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Monday, January 18, 2010

Taygran Trader

Taygran Trader
She may not have been the prettiest vessel to ever ply the route between Stornoway and Ullapool (seen here in her TT years), but the introduction of competition on the route was one of the best things to happen to the islands.

Without the ruffling of feathers that she brought, we would not have got the cargo ferry, or indeed I suggest, the recognition of the importance and significance of the route to the islands.

Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the introduction of RET is a direct consequence of the very brave decision by the owners to run the route.

In other fields, many have tried to upset the apple cart and challenge an established operator with varying degrees of success, but each and every attempt has improved the future for the islands.

It is with some despair that I hear that one of the revolutionaries may not last the course, and if this is true it is going to be a very sad day later this week when the announcement is made. Despite an initial campaign against them by (or perhaps pro-incumbent) by some Councillors, they are now a vital and integral part of the community.

Possibly until as early as tomorrow; when we will all mourn their passing.

I hope I am wrong, but my sources are such that I have little doubt as to the accuracy of the information.


MadEddieH said...

Is this the departure of Brogan's that we all feared would happen then?

Anonymous said...

Lets hope this is An Lanntair. I was in there at the weekend, the toilets were filthy and in the 3 hours we spent there no one bothered to clean them. Staff were too busy helping themselves to drinks from behind the bar. Perhaps if the staff spent less time posing and pontificating the service might improve. What a waste of the public purse, 3 years and they still haven't upped their game.

Anonymous said...

9:00, you spent three hours in the toilet? Bad curry?

Anonymous said...

Highland Airways are looking a little bit on the vunerable side at the moment. They've lost a few charters and the bad weather didn't help them.

I've only used them twice (once to Benbecula and once back). They are not the cheapest of airlines.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting.?