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The truths they don't want you to read....

Friday, March 04, 2011

How much does a school weigh?

Sometimes there is amazing good news to break, and the answer to the question contains surprising information that requires wider dissemination.

In the case of Springfield South - the Pink School - the answer is 2,500 tonnes.

Astonishingly, I am told that the contractors have managed to recycle all but under 50 tonnes of the rubble; with less than 2% going to landfill.

The rest - slates, window frames, steel and old maths jotters - have all been reused in one form or another.

That is an astonishing rate of recycling, and I understand that some of the other schools may actually have a HIGHER reuse rate.

This deserves wider publicity, loud plaudits and sincere hopes that local contractors can absorb the methodology and up their performance accordingly.


Anonymous said...

To be honest it wasn't the knowledge that they managed to re use so much of it - it was the speed the thing came down at and the speed of its disposal - mind you the Acres bog must have taken alot of filling in.
What memories that building held - Tadpole, Shungle, Roddy Goosey et al.


Anonymous said...

I'm fascinated. What have they actually re-used it for?

Anonymous said...

The new 'Palm Comhairle' being built off the coast of Stornoway in the shape of the Council logo to provide weekend retreats for the Councillors

Anonymous said...


Thank you. First smile I've had from this blog for a long while.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone checked the new resident's skip in Goathill?