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The truths they don't want you to read....

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Balivanich school

I have just been told that local Councillors have been briefed that, er, the Council haven't finished the negotiations to purchase the land for the new school at Balivanich. Yet.

Why must I be the bearer of bad news - indeed be the source of any news - for Councillors about what is happening in their organisation? News that the officers seem to want to have kept entirely secret from elected members.

Negotiations over the new site started in 2005, after the old school was destroyed by the storms. Yet despite over 4 years of negotiations, frustration, angst from local Councillors and mounting public anger, community consultation and misleading assurances the negotiations still aren't complete.


Anonymous said...

Right, so the Council is committed to openess, is it? So why didn't the regular reporting of the project have as one of its milestones whether or not the land purchase had gone through?

And what happens if there's some legal glitch that stops it now?

I appreciate that some things are subject to confidentiality requirements, but letting the Council get this far with an expensive project and not having the land secured is pathetic.

Where was the risk register for this project?

Anonymous said...

There is no trust in our council - they do as they please - there is no way they would consider doing something in the Southern Isles before they would do something in Stornoway - even the thought of it is laughable. I am sure the council are doing their best to keep themselves in as much paperwork as they possibly can and if anyone thinks Martin Taylor or Alasdair Allan are a fighting force to change this – well let’s just see what happens if anything!