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Friday, June 18, 2010

Crap football teams

England were so crap at football tonight that they could almost be the new Scotland.


Anonymous said...

I think we should give Engerland their independence, they deserve it.

Anonymous said...

They were crap totally agree. However, they were still invited to the party!

Archie McCeltic said...

I reckon Scotland could probably manage a draw against them at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Goodness. Imagine being THAT crap.

Ashamed England Fan said...

New condom for sale at Scottish branches of Boots.

It's the Rob Green

Extra slippery and you are safe not to catch anything

Perhaps if we actually had English players playing en masse in the Premiership we might have a pool of talent

Sadly for most Premiership supporters their team comes before their nation.

Just look at the flags of St George on show - Leeds FC, Southampton FC, Norwich FC Plymouth FC

No wonder the under dogs are coming better - see Spain, France and Germanys' performance! Euro leagues are packed with outsiders.

Send the Premiership 4 into a Euro league run probably as a US franchise and give us back the English One Nation 1st Division with a kick off of 3pm on Saturdays.

And keep the Glasgow teams in Scotland

And WTF is the David the model boy doing in SA? Corporate sponsorships? He is England's Jonah by being there we won f all when he was playing/prancing and performing

Dr Evadne said...

I remember the days when we had proper footballers like Chopper Harris, Charles George esq, Stanley Bowles, Antonio Adams, Gordon Banks, Greig Downes.... where have they all gone?

Just supposing that in a couple of weeks time some of us will be praising Emile Heskey to the heights? Okay..time for my medication.

Anonymous said...

If England are the new Scotland, what does that make Scotland?????

Anonymous said...

There's something odd going on. Of the supposedly big six European teams, only the Netherlands are doing well. Spain, France, England, Germany and Italy are ALL struggling. Look at the stats: between them so far, Played 9, Won 1, Drawn 5 and Lost 3. And that win was against erm Australia.

So why are the big European footballing nations (nearly) all doing so badly? Conversely, why are ALL the South American teams doing well? There's something obviously geographical going on here.

Anonymous said...

I get the distinct feeling that all the major European nations in the World Cup in South Africa, including Engerand are just not trying.

Maybe their true nationality is the league team they pay for. This is where they get their money and their pension fund. They are, after all, football merceneries; La Liga today, the Bundeslige tomorrow and after that the Premier League or Serie A etc.

They want their break in the Summer to rest and prepare for their next football financial harvest.

The teams really trying are the ones on the outside, with something to prove, or the established teams who have players with something to prove personally so that the can get into the big European leagues or transferred within at a substantial personal advantage. I think you might find Bourgiba of Algeria and Rangers in that group?