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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What do the SNP stand for?

I've read and re-read the interview Alex Salmond gave to the Times (no longer free and accessible thanks to the paywall) and I really have had to take step back and think about the issues he raises - or more accurately, the issues he demolishes as unimportant.

As Independence is no longer the principal driving force for the SNP, the question has got to be just what the party actually stands for and what its purpose actually is.

Well, the message is clear, the SNP are now the party who will administer the functions better than all the others.

Wow, what a wonderful political slogan.

The ambition is now to be better guardians of the public purse than all the others, and to fight for Scotland's interests. As if any party standing in Scotland would claim the contrary.

The new election slogan is going to be "Vote SNP for more efficient bureaucracy" which isn't perhaps the best way to get the troops on the streets and the voters into the polling stations.

Many SNP activists and supporters must be deeply bemused and appalled by the change, indeed abandonment, of the main purpose for the SNP's existence.

Many longtime supporters are asking the questions about the purpose of the SNP, and I cannot now understand why the SNP need to exist if they abandon independence as a cause, other than for personal aggrandisement, when there are other ways to achieve the same aim through engaging with the other parties through entryism and negotiation, rather than through conflict and intransigence.

The political landscape has changed as a result of this interview and whilst there may be some ulterior motive - the likelihood of the loss of a referendum - and the impact of realpolitic, the motivation and purpose of the party is seriously undermined by the unilateral change.

How this plays with the wider party and the Annual Conference will be enlightening as to whether political debate is encouraged (or even allowed - as I found out) and whether the body of the party actually concur, or are just gagged.

The result next Holyrood election will be largely determined by how this policy runs -- or if it remains as party policy.


Fred said...

I was at SNP National Council in Perth last week, and in his speech Alex Salmond clearly stated the ultimate goal of the SNP is and always will be independence. This was well received within the hall.

He did also say that we have a great chance of reaching the realistic goal of Full Fiscal Autonomy in the near future, and this was a good thing for Scotland and the party should be in favour.

I think the media are doing their usual and trying to mis-represent everything the SNP says and does to suit their own unionist agenda.

Anonymous said...

If we depend on the Scottish media for our information we will undoubtedly never hear anything positive about the SNP, the Greens, Tories, Liberals or anyone else for that matter, except their beloved Labour Party.

I long ago gave up reading the dross they put out.

It's understandable at the Daily Retard/Scotman level, but the Herald... My God, how the mighty have fallen.

It used to be a newspaper.

As for the BBC.... don't make me laugh. I'd rather watch paint dry.

Anonymous said...

4:59 said "Alex Salmond clearly stated the ultimate goal of the SNP is and always will be independence. This was well received within the hall.

He did also say that we have a great chance of reaching the realistic goal of Full Fiscal Autonomy in the near future....."

So you are agreeing/conceeding the fcat that the SNP have a snowball in Hades chance of getting independence. Nice to see the SNP confirming that themselves.
PS England were sh1te yesterday but at atleast they were in SA to be sh1te. {:-)

Anonymous said...

Fred: I think the fact that Alex Salmond announced the change in policy (or emphasis if you will) AFTER National Council and in a way that precluded discussion, just makes Angus' point very well.

"Scotland really well administered by 2015" doesn't have that much of a ring to it, does it?

Anonymous said...

I think it would be a shame if the SNP do not achieve independence, as this would prevent the Westminster Government presenting him with the incompetent Bank of Scotland and Royal Bank of Scotland as a leaving present. So much for his arc of prosperity along with the Icelandic Banks
Yes and as a England supporter I agree we were shite, but at least we were there.

Anonymous said...

"What do the SNP stand for?"

They stand when instructed to do so by Fat Alex; the rest of the time they are all lying supine waiting to be told what to do.

Anonymous said...

Spot on!

Spot on!

Spot on!

Spot on!

Well done, four cheers, keep it up. Do you think that the Scottish Government will agree to take on the UK debt for bailing their banks out?

Anonymous said...

I really think that our Western Isles MP is a closet Tory.....

Can't say that I disagree with him but that will have the Western Isles racists fuming.................... ha, ha, ha

Anonymous said...

I see we are back to this, thanks to SNP support

Anonymous said...

those links dont work as they have been cropped.

can we get them in full please

Anonymous said...

Anon seems like a bitter wee sod.

Anonymous said...

And the answer to your question, Angus, is ...

Goalmouth technology.

Anonymous said...

Instead of wittering on about something as trivial and insignificant as football, AB might think to spend his time trying to get Cal Mac to sort out the complete mess and disgrace that is the current Oban Barra service!

Also AB (and Manford), you will also be well aware that if you push Cal mac in the direction of Cat hulled ferries there will be very real issues about speed going up the sound......oh but you know that don't you!

Anonymous said...

Hehehe. Tris 9:30, well said.