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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

60,000 public sector job cuts expected

What is the surprise?

It is expected that 6-10% of all jobs in the public sector will go in the next few years.

Yes, and.....?

There is going to be pain everywhere, and it is going to be shared around indiscriminately.

Accept that, live with it, and make the best of what the future brings you.

That might be harsh, but before the Unions scream about the pain, they need to remember that these self same Unions funded the Labour Party who sold, mortgaged, borrowed over, resold, bought back for an overpriced amount, and then resold at a loss all the family silver.

The Unions supported the binge; now they must suffer the aftermath.

If you face up to this you can manage the impact. Or you can stick you head where the sun don't shine and complain vociferously, but pointlessly.


Anonymous said...

It is the pain that us in the private sector have been experiencing for the last two years. The differences being that they will get a choice of whether to go, will be guaranteed a lucrative pension, have such a generous salary that they have zero debt and lots of equity and will probably be brought back on double their salary as consultants. So there is nothing to be worried about as you will end up quids in.....

Flirty Gerty said...

I think there's going to be an awful lot more than 6-10% of the public sector workforce laid off over the next couple of years.

I don't rejoice in the idea - there's a lot of money trickling down into the private sector from some of the public sector projects. Those rubbing their hands with glee at the fat cats losing their jobs might remember that it is the self-same fat cats who buy their papers, bread, milk and petrol in local shops, and drink and eat in local restuarants.

And the self-same fat cats might just up and off somewhere they can earn a better living as consultants once they get their payoffs.

So less mocking, please; and more perspective about the interdependency of all things on islands like ours.

We've had pain in the private sector, to be sure, but we're lighter on our feet than they are and we have the freedom to run our businesses as we please. I'm all for less waste and fewer losers in the White House, but let's not throw babies out with bathwaters.