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The truths they don't want you to read....

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Promises, promises, promises

I know, I know. I made a promise and failed to deliver.

Look, I'm on holiday spending a wonderful family time, where for once the stress from work is knee-high rather than tree-high.

My days consist of an immense late breakfast of assorted cured meats; a family dawdle around; watching the unsubsidised catamaran make the short crossing in competition to a conventional ferry (Note to Transport Dept in the Comhairle: Ask Fred Olsen about the economics, especially in bad weather. That'll be a free consultation, for travel expenses only); a long leisurely lunch; and then out for the evenings entertainment.

The food in the hotel is exceptional: the kids have eaten three or four permutations of fabulous Italian food, and last night we all ate at the in-house Japanese show-cooking restaurant where the food was cooked in front of us. The kids loved it and tried everything, and are desperate to go back for the other choices we didn't share. Daughter (2) used chopsticks. As skewers.

Goodness we are relaxed, and the world of blogging seems so trivial and inessential at the moment.

Back home too soon, whence I will revise my opinions about insulting all and sundry and will start up again in earnest.

Until then, I will continue to glow red in the dark and gently abrade the sunburn from my face.

You may or may not hear from me in the interim. It depends on the weather, lunch and the books I might read - I have read SuperFreakenomics, 208 Bones (with the obligatory 2 for 1 sticker from WH Smith) and the utterly gratuitously offensive Frankie Boyle autobiography. It doesn't get much better.

Ding, dong: another meal calls your porky correspondent.....


Anonymous said...

With all these away trips Angus I would be keen to see an honest rendition on here from good self:

See if you are expending more carbon than An Lanntair.

Anonymous said...

where are you?

Anonymous said...

A very defensive post.

Anonymous said...

2:34 What does Angus have to defend? It's his blog. He can write what he wants. You can read it, ignore it, reply, if you want.