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Friday, July 09, 2010

Lunatics; asylum; close the doors; burn the building down

You know that some people just have too much time on their hands and too little to do....
Holyrood staff to be taught Gaelic[...]
Alasdair Allan, the Nationalist MSP who represents the Western Isles, said he believed the plan would make life easier for some of his constituents.
Fuel poverty.  Jobs. Decent public services.  These will make life easier for people in the Western Isles, not this insane scheme to create a pan-Scottish Gaelic luvies section, of those who have a view on how us natives should live and converse, and by God, are they going to impose that view on us.


Anonymous said...

Are there people in the isles who speak Gaelic first and English second?

Anonymous said...

In this case, if they (Holyrood staff) are going to be forced to learn Gaelic, then they should also learn, Indi, Urdu, Polish, etc. etc etc. all of whom have more native speakers here than Gaelic.
People don't speak Gaelic because there is no need to. If the language goes the way of countless others so mote it be. Languages evolve and prosper or they become extinct.

Anonymous said...

Fuel poverty will make life easier for people? Have I missed something? Gaelic = bad; fuel poverty = good? Is that what you're saying, or is your post as badly written as your argument is unreasonable?

Anonymous said...

I think everyone in Scotland should be compelled to learn Gaelic. if they don't we should deport them to England.

Anonymous said...


Do we get a Gaelic grant to go?

Ochone, we might have problems getting to England as we have to make out all these ridiculous Gaelic road directional signs!

However, Mr Mike Russell will announce in the year 2011 that there will be 250 of the Gaelic Mafia left to run a 100% Gaelic Lewis!

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