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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Upgrade your exchange

Many thanks to a regular correspondent for pointing out the Leader European Funding site, which is encouraging communities to get funding to upgrade their exchanges for Broadband.

You've got 6 weeks to make your case, before the group decide who the lucky winners are....

As with all these types of bidding applications for limited funds, the broader the range of community support you can establish and document, and the wider the level of take-up, and the deeper the involvement of the community then the more chance you have of success.

And write it all up in a nice readable document.

This gives communities a chance to move forward rather than bitch about Connected Communities and what might have been.

I'd be very interested to hear back from anyone who gets involved in a bid.


MadEddieH said...

Curious if anyone has followed this up at all?

Given the mainly anti-ConnComm/pro-ADSL comments we've seen in the past I'd have assumed people would be battering in to grab this opportunity.

Anonymous said...

@MadEddieH, we want good broadband, not a project to raise funds for and run.

MadEddieH said...

@Anonymous Coward 3:50PM

Ah, so you haven't bothered reading the actual site then - goodo.

The funds are already there - specifically for broadband - a community simply has to make a case to get the funds for a specific project - e.g. getting their non-ADSL exchange upgraded to ADSL - which is what so many having been saying was the answer to all the woes that ConnComm apparently caused.

All I know is that I will feel free to say to the next person who says BT would have upgraded their exchange if ConnComm hadn't taken all the money that they had the chance to get their exchange upgraded themselves and chose not to take it and thus don't have the luxury of blaming ConnComm anymore.

Anonymous said...

I understand an application may be forthcoming from Barra. What's happened to Uist, Harris and Lewis?

Anonymous said...

This application process is a joke. Leader are using Atkins as consultants to assess the applications. The fact that they are involved with ConCom will have no bearing on their impartiality, honest guv. Pure coincidence that one community that approached Leader to put in a bid to upgrade their exchange were "advised" they should apply for a ConCom mast instead!