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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Peter Mandelson - an apology

I've been sitting by the pool reading the latest extracts from the marvelous autobiographical hagiography of Lord Mandelson.

I really had failed to realise just how clever, intelligent, witty, prudent, economically aware and politically sensitive he was, until he modestly laid out his innumerable achievements in graphic detail for us all to look at and appreciate the sheer scale of his polymath abilities.

He really was so wonderful in being able to make all the right calls on every single issue of substance over the past 50 year or so, and it is a pity that he was so badly let down by those pygmies who grasped at any political office for personal aggrandisement, rather than the good of the country.

If only the Prime Minister had listened to him at every opportunity, then nothing would ever have gone wrong, anywhere, at any time.

Where the Labour Party went awry was in not appreciating his many skills and putting them to good use by giving him more control over the levers of power that he would have wielded so magnificently - with hindsight.

It is unfortunate that he was not given the third opportunity to resign from the Cabinet for misleading his colleagues and for financial irregularities and compromising his position with those who could have exploited these opportunities. But they were all honourable men, and wouldn't have done such a thing to a prominent politician on the make.

Peter is absolutely right to expose the division at the heart of Labour and how the main protagonists despised and insulted each other; and every time he highlights the lies he decided he had to tell, the misleading impressions he knew that he had to portray, the duplicity he had to promote to try to keep the truth from being exposed, then the more we realise that here was an honourable man caught up in untruths of his own creation who knows absolutely that he could should have been a leader of the Government in whom we could place our trust.

The Kings are dead - knifed in the back by this book. Long live King Peter I. He'll get my vote at the next election.

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Hairy McLairy said...

You've spent too long in the sun on holiday, Angus....