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The truths they don't want you to read....

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Town Hall farago rumbles on....

Even at this far distance, I am told that the Council have made yet another series of mistakes as there proposals to rip the stage out of the Town Hall, fill in the balcony and create yet more publically subsidised space to compete with the struggling private sector.

Complaints have been lodged that the Council did not put the revised proposals out to public consultation - as they are legally obliged to do - before they took a decision on their own proposal (and unsurprisingly found it to be acceptable).

The complaint has not been responded to, and the Ombudsman is now being involved in Council maladministration, again.

The grounds for the complaint include that the revised proposals are, er, not Disabled Disability Act compliant; which you may recall was one of the principal reasons for making changes to the Town Hall in the first place.

The proposals also appear to be contrary to the Council's own policies, as former emergency Planning Officer, Murdo MacLeod, explains.


Anonymous said...

The council have really bent over backwards to really duff up many good amieneties in this island... not only are they letting the town hall be ruined by their plans - but they are also letting the seminary rot while they sit on their arses and waste our money because they cant secure funding properly!

Lets hope this plan of destruction on the towhn hall is put where it belongs - in the bin!

Morag said...

Please tell us more, unsurprisingly I am unable to get any info out of the council at all on this!