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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Coastguard Station saved?

The announcement today that the scale of the Coastguard closures will be reduced is very welcome, and a long overdue realsiation of the complexity of the work that is done, and particualrly the need for local knowledge.

Hopefully the Select Committee will be able to put some minds at rest today, but the real push - an old acquaintance tells - has come from the Civil Servants, who have finally persuaded the Minister that the potential downside was too great, for what was going to be a limited level of savings.

I'm not certain that Stornoway is saved, yet, but I'm advised that it seems a very high probability according to the current briefing for the Minister.

I'm pleased to see KIMO continuing it's marine campaigning role, and the contacts I made during my period of involvement have proved lasting and very useful!

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