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The truths they don't want you to read....

Monday, May 02, 2011


It looks like Obama has secured his re-election.

Whatever the pros and cons of the USA being the global self-appointed Sheriff, the outcome was inevitable; to be welcomed; and will usher in a period of global uncertainty.

Bin-Laden's day had passed, but his followers and those who were motivated by his unforgiving brand of Islam will continue to brew trouble for the West.

That the problem lies in Saudi Arabia, and it's absolute monarchy and sphere of influence, is disregarded and will only perpetuate the root causes of the religious fervour. 

The majority of Muslims will continue to be unfairly tainted by association, and the challenge is to bridge the gap in understanding and marginalise the lunatics.


Anonymous said...

No proof, good story though!

Anonymous said...

Talking about re-election it looks as if, by the silence of some of the usual truaghans that inhabit this blog, that Alasdair Allan as every normal thinking person in our beloved islands expects, is going to be re-elected. Quite possibly with an increased majority.Time to stop the bitter and twisted playground rants that usually appear on this blog. Get real, us normal folk do not live in your fantasy realm. We realise we are nobodies and accept that. It is time that some of the regular bloggers on this site accepted that they are only important in their own minds.

Anonymous said...

OBL's death will only serve to open up a whole Pandora's Box for the West, I fear...

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:05

Living on an Island where a significant proportion of the population believe, without any proof, in a mythical being who, has never lived on this planet, whose only 'son' was born of a 'virgin’, and who died to apparently save us all, why should we need proof of Bin Laden's death?

It's just like religion you just have to trust those who go out and assassinate, apparently for the good of us all, that they actually did the job!

The one question I would like answered though, is just how did this make the world a safer place? It was this very sort of thing that pisses off those who think that their views or customs are not being taken seriously by the rest of the world. We need to communication with the Muslim Community, especially their dispossessed, not assassination of their supposed leaders, Muslims have enough martyrs, and we don’t need to give them any more.

How will there ever be world peace when one Country whether it is America or Israel takes it upon themselves to send out hit squads into another sovereign state to kill somebody they don’t like? Don’t get me wrong I’m not defending Bin Laden his crimes were of the worst kind and he deserved punishing, but his death sentence by a lynch mob make those who authorised it, and for that matter those who don’t condemn it, no better than Bin Laden himself.

Anonymous said...


Tend to agree with you, just because the main man is (??) dead does not cursh the army..... ref Michael Collins and the IRA

Anonymous said...

A bit weird and difficult to understand how 7:30am has managed to turn this into an anti Christianity rant. The whole ethos of the Chritianity is not based on proof (alone) but rather than faith. Isn't it wonderful that "a significant number of the Island population" DO believe- is this itself not proof of something?
Don't worry you will soon have proof of Bin Laden's assisination - the yanks will cause even more trouble trumpeting it.

Anonymous said...

@9.28 (and yes, off topic)

Classic mistake: because I (or thousands) believe it must be true. Wrong.

I'm not particularly anti-Christian but I don't think it's wonderful, that a large number of folk here "DO believe" - what's that proof of? That the effect of island culture (and history, probably) on a small population has made it socially advantageous to do so.

I'd find it more wonderful if this petty churchiness were to give way to humane and moral attitudes that didn't need threat of hellfire and (worse!) social ostracism to prop them up.