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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Renting from the Council

Wouldn't you like to receive a year's rent every month?

What about paying the annual rent every month?

Commercial tenants of the Council this week were given the opportunity to understand the difficulties that an accounting error can cause when when 12 months rent was drawn from their bank accounts this week by mistake.

Thankfully they have all be repaid at 4pm on Friday, but I am aware of at least one business that had to arrange an extension on its overdraft at very short notice to cover the sudden hole in it's bank balance.

My call to the White House for an explanation for my client remains unreturned, but at least it has been remedied. 

Any chance of an official apology to those affected?


Anonymous said...

Do you have clients who actually request such a pointless call?

Interesting. Accountancy is starting to sound like easy money.

Mrs N said...


If someone cannot meet their weekly financial commitments because a supplier has taken a year's rent from their bank account then I would suggest that this is a legitimate situation that their accountant could try to remedy on their behalf.

This is particularly when the Comhairle has said for 4 days running that they will rectify the mistake and fail to do so. I think that you will find the direct debit guarantee will show that the Comhairle failed in it's commitments.

Oh and the client didn't get charged for the service.

So please explain why the call was pointless and what easy money we are making?

Anonymous said...

Obviously works in Customer Relations at the Comhairle. Guaranteed pay with no risks and no concern about serving the customers.

Anonymous said...

Angus has certified the accounts of a local charity that I am treasurer of for the last 4 years and has never asked for payment, in fact has twice refused to take any payment, I wish the council services were run as efficiently and with similar concern for community groups.

Anonymous said...


the words dummy & out spring to mind!

Anonymous said...


You obviously don't run a business where you are responsible for paying boys' wages every week and if they don't get paid, they cannot afford to eat.

You obviously don't run a business where you have to watch every penny that comes in and hope that your customers don't take more time than they are supposed to, paying their bills.

You obviously don't have to work 24 x 7 even though that isn't allowed in the Islands, just to make ends meet.

You are obviously not the last person to be paid, if there is any money left at the end of the week.

You obviously don't have to go to the ends of the earth to keep your customers happy even though you know that they will find the smallest problem with what you do and make it a reason not to pay.

You obviously work for the Comhairle and get flexi time, 40+++ days per year "annual leave", sick leave and the right to an inflated pension by the time you are middle aged rather than pensionable age.

Dummy, pram, out - I know who is the dummy and who gets the most respect from me...

Unknown said...

Out of curiosity why couldn't you contact the bank and demand an immediate repayment?

As I understand the Direct Debit Guarantee the bank is obligated to put you back in the position you were before the mistake was made and that includes costs so even if the council was slow in rectifying the mistake the bank should have done this and prevented the need for extended overdrafts etc.

Anonymous said...

This was done and the bank made the usual excuses that this would take anywhere between 48 hours and 7 days.....

Unknown said...

@7:58PM: Thanks for the info.

If I'd lost any money I'd be asking for compensation from the bank - the direct debit guarantee states an immediate return of the cash (and any costs incurred covered).

A moot point now though I suppose.