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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Olympic Flame

We need thirty-two nominees to carry the Olympic Flame.

I suggest the 31 Councillors and the MSP to run at high speed until they spontaneously combust.

Any other nominations???


Anonymous said...

Another Olympic Flame? We already have the Muirneag

Dr Evadne said...

I would like to nominate the person resonsible for keeping the Islands' roads in tip top condition. MacWhoever at the Comhairle should be made to run with the torch on every stretch of track to witness a road infrastructure not even worthy of the un-explored interior of Borneo.

Failing that, I expect that Brian Wilson will put himself forward, modest chap that he is.

Anonymous said...

Once again only the centre of the Universe gets the attention. Benbecula being more accessible to the those outwith Lewis could not possibly be considered.

Anonymous said...

Most of the Councillors would spontaneously combust in less than the 300 metres the flame runners are going to have to manage.

How about we have some real unsung heroes doing the running - our own real Olympian, Kirsty Wade, who spends her life trying to help other people get fitter; one or two of the Forces coves and blones who've risked their life in defence of their country over the past years; one of the Life Boat crew who turn out in mountainous seas; one of the each the Coastguard folk and helicopter crew ditto; and one of the Merchant Navy gang who get all our supplies to us. And then some of the people who work in sh***y jobs to look after the rest of us - Cleansing, Home Care, Nurseries, cleaners, medics, Police, Fire and Ambulance.

And then a representative group of the youngsters of the islands who play, sing, draw, run, volunteer and study and generally make us proud.

That'll do.

But I expect in the end it'll be the usual crowd. Watch out for Angus Campbell putting on his running shoes at a filling station near you soon.

Anonymous said...

32 accountants and through a pound coin in the flame!

Anonymous said...

Agreed! No further nominations necessary. Job done.

Anonymous said...


Yes, a very noble list, but spare us the unsung hero crap. These people are mostly doing worthwhile things (and widely acknowledged for it), whereas the Olympic farce is a giant waste of time and money (SEVENTY people coming here to accompany this sodding flame? And presumably not contributing much to the economy as they won't be able to do anything on Sunday and will have a busy Monday morning... maybe contributing less than the people they displace).

In other words, it would be farcical to 'honour' the 'representatives' that way ... so that's no doubt what the comhairle will do.