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The truths they don't want you to read....

Monday, May 16, 2011

President Trump

Not the candidate
Donald Trump has just announced that he is not going to stand in 2012.

It is understood that his wig has had a long term relationship with Dominique Strauss-Khan and is now considered a flight risk.

The hairpiece planned to sponsor a sheep shearing contest in Lewis this summer, but with Trump suffering from Foot in Mouth disease, and the toupee unable to produce a long-form manufacturing certificate from WotWig Mfg of Shanghai, "Outrageous hairpieces for the discerningly vain".

The Trump is now planning a casino and 1,400 room executive hotel next to Tong International Airport.


Anonymous said...

Think Obama helped defuse mr Trump with this speech:

I love how wiggy looks particularly uncomfortable.

Obama appears to be a genuinely funny politician, no cringe factor like our bunch of bland fence sitters.

Anonymous said...

Must admit, I did have some grudging admiration for 'The Donald' until his ludicrous Obama birth certificate stunt. Let's face it though, he had as much chance of being U.S. President as Iain Gray had of being First Minister of Scotland.

As witnessed by his stunningly short visit to his mum's home in Tong (blink and you missed it), he is very adept at self-promotion, but this time he misfired spectacularly and his humiliation at the White House dinner was well deserved. Bet he had some serious indigestion that evening.