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The truths they don't want you to read....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Council savings strategy

Reading through the agendas for next week I see two extremely well written and well argued reports about how the Council can save money next year.

Both will be the subject of (unduly) long argument in Committee.

Both will adversely affect clients.

But the clients respect the ability and understanding of the officers and have said that they will work with them to effect the savings - they are Council Tax payers too - as they feel included in the whole process.

THAT is how you can deliver savings; but the Council (and especially the senior officers) also need to recognise the skills and abilities of many of the officers who can deliver real benefits to the islands.


Anonymous said...

And therein, unfortunately, I am less than confident.

Anonymous said...

Out of interest 1 - which committees? The Council's performance on putting reports before the great unwashed on the internet is as poor as usual.

I would dearly love someone to work out the stats for the number of 'to follow' reports.

Out of interest 2. What are the rules on promulgation of reports before a committee sits?