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The truths they don't want you to read....

Friday, May 13, 2011

A new World Record

Those who consider the Council an utterly useless organisation should be aware that such a calumny is unfair and derogatory.

Never in the Comhairle....
Why, only today I received a hand-delivered envelope providing (apparently) a complete and comprehensive answer to my FoI submitted electronically on Monday morning.

Those who accuse the Council of deliberately foot-dragging and disinformation over responses to FoI requests should hang their heads in shame when the Guinness World Record is verified and the certificate is presented at the next series of meetings.

Now that the Council have set this standard, we will all expect them to match it with each and every FoI request, so as to avoid any suggestion of preferential treatment for anyone caught in the searchlight.

The very pleasant, intelligent, young man who delivered the paperwork asked me to promise to correct any errors in the previous posting.  I said I would do so with no sarcasm, cynicism or snide remarks about anything I found when reading the papers over the weekend.  Or about any unfortunate conclusions one might draw from the whole affair.

This comment was not covered by the above undertaking.


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with Nepotism ?

Anonymous said...

This posting is a pitiful combination of bluster and patronising drivel. The previous posting on the FOI request led us towards a story of nepotism at the highest level of the comhairle, mingled in with corruption: two favoured themes with your correspondents.

Is it not the most natural and appropriate response to quickly show that your allegations were baseless?

Would Nicolson & Co have hung around for a few weeks if an allegation like that was posted against it? I think we can be sure it wouldn't have sent round a "nice inteliigent young man" but someone with a writ in their hand.

Is there no space for you to say you got something wrong and you're sorry?

Anonymous said...

So is this post an admission you were wrong Angus?!

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting avidly for an update on this since I read your post.
Got to give CnES 10 out of 10 for entertainment value if nothing else.
Hurry up and read the papers and give us a real update.

Anonymous said...

Is this an admission you were wrong Angus? It's very vague!

Anonymous said...


it is nepotism that has F'ed up the islands. Here endeth my rant.