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Thursday, October 05, 2006

BT - it gets worse

The @r$e$ have disconnected our new broadband connection and not our old one - and apparently it takes 7-10 days to fix this. No sense of urgency then.

Next, they decided to cease our service, as we were moving from one building to another and had signed up for the "overlapping" service to ensure no business interruption.

Now, they have removed us from the DNS servers, so our website is down and our Static IP address will take 5 working days to be reinstated. Which means no incoming emails, which we could check via webmail at home.

This despite an email yesterday promising that nothing would affect our new business.

I've just spent the past hour faxing increasingly irate letters to various departments of BT demanding that they sort the problem immediately. Bizarrely, the website is still available at the BT parking address and I have received acknowledgments of my complaint from 2 BT departments by email.

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