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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Have a nice weekend!

Tomorrow, as Council employees sit themselves down for another day's hard work at their desks they will be pleased to receive the outcome of the single-status regrading exercise.

This has been long in the germination, and intensive for both the assessors and the victims employees.

So why tomorrow?

I have been very reliably informed that this is to give the employees the chance to 'cool down' over the weekend after reading the outcome of their (re)-grading, and in the hope that headlines will be slightly less by Monday.

From what I have been told, I expect the headlines to be worse rather than better. And still costing the public purse well over £2m to make some happy; many unhappy; and a lot very furious.

Unions are, I understand, already preparing block appeals for staff.


Anonymous said...

The letters were due to go out on Monday but are not now being sent out till Friday, any coincidence that the officer responsible for the whole fiasco is on Holiday from Monday for a fortnight.

Anonymous said...

Is she in Boston perchance?

Anonymous said...

Another triumph for the Comhairle's Anti-Personnel service?

Anonymous said...

Good luck to them is all I can say. A lot of discussions over the dinner table about these letters. Aren't all council employess related/linked in some way? Seems to be the only way to get a job with the council is to have a link on the 'inside'!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3.56
You are quite right, the CNES recruitment policy does not stand up to any serious scrutiny.Their are two many known cases of job fixing, even where this has been reported, usually where one spouse has bagged a job for their partner, nothing is ever done about it. The usual method is fixing the job spec, have a look and see how many irrelevant qualifications are neccessary for some jobs!!
However as usual in CNES there are many good people within HR who are unable to do their job properly because of poor policy and inadequate managment, for example a secretary in one dept with standard grade qualifications can earn 20K whilst a secretary in another dept, doing a simmilar job must have a H.N.D yet only earns 14k
It does rather beg the question as to why single status was necessary
if H.R as a dept was doing it's job properly

Anonymous said...

Yes they have arrived, and initially the news is not bad, in this household anyway. However after swift consultation with the internet, the salary increase is no more than might have been achieved in collective bargaining, and is in percentage terms slightly less than RPI.

Personally it still does not answer the question. Is single status the same as equal status for personnel doing similar tasks in different departments?

Angus said...

The principle behind single status was equal pay for staff doing the same job in different departments.

Anonymous said...

My question was somewhat rhetorical, yes within the grades it has been achieved, but are similar jobs on similar grades? Questions will be asked.

Anonymous said...

Not too bad in our house either; I've gained a few (literally) quid a year, but I'd be placed in the middle of a grade with an annual increment due in October if the proposals were adopted whereas, as long as my job title doesn't change, I'm currently stuck at the top of my grade no matter what I do.

For the record, I'm not closely related to anyone in the Comhairle, and even those who have 3rd cousin once removed status had no direct input into my employment; I had never met anyone on the panel before the day of my interview.

Of the four longish periods of continuous employment I've had in my admittedly embryonic working life, I've never worked anywhere where there weren't cases of nepotism, and the Comahirle is the first public sector employer I've been accountable to so it's not just a problem for "Yokel Authorities".

Anonymous said...

Despite not being to happy with the single status I have had an enjoyable weekend.

What really made my weekend was the breach of the Trades Description Act on page 17 of local SNP weekly.

Breach of the TDA is a serious offence and all such cases should be passed on to the local Trading Standards office.

In the first advert Articles for sale they have left the word USELESS out. Now what I want to know is, who is to blame for this? Is it the local SNP weekly or is it our MSP, who placed the advert.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:08

So you're not "to happy" with the single status.

If you're contacting Trading Standards, you might want to report whoever sold you your spellchecker...

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:17

You may not be related to any other council emploee but the fact is the whole council is run by self interest either nepotisum or religious order. If you want an example look to see how many were interviewed for the recent Emergency Planning officer - 1.

My wife has taken a 10% cut in salary as I expect many more lower paid office workers have had forced on them. The savings of the whole team suffering the same cut will just about pay the rise her manager has received.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:28

Another SNP supporter without a sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

Yes, shocking spelling, almost as bad as the, the Guardian.

Anonymous said...

"If you want an example look to see how many were interviewed for the recent Emergency Planning officer - 1."

As the Comhairle's Emergency Planning Officer from 1996 - 2007, I am absolutely appalled if the above statement is true. If Anonymous (or anyone else) can supply more information on this, please contact me in confidence at

You may check my credentials at

Anonymous said...


May I suggest you write to HR and ask under the freedom of Information Act. They short listed 3 but only one attended. They should have re-advertised as a public authority.