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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Post Office rationalistation

Thanks to the Stornoway Gazette for drawing my attention to the current consultation on Post Office rationalisation.

My cynicism usually knows no bounds, and I would normally write "rationalisation i.e. cuts" to show exactly what I believe the agenda to be.

The Gazette appear to have got confirmation that the discussion is over which specific Post Offices will close, not about whether any should close at all. Fight amongst yourselves, but the Post Office will be closing how every many offices in the islands.

I remember campaigning against this in 1999, and being told by Labour that we were scaremongering. Whilst at the same time, the Labour Party were taking business away from the Post Office and handing it on a plate to banks, shops and supermarkets. And then they wonder why Post Offices are becoming unviable.

Of course, with the Government as the sole shareholder, responsibility for the decision is clear, even if Gordon Brown claims not to be party to it, he is certainly turning a blind eye.

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Anonymous said...

I saw that in the Gazette today and was flabbergasted at the sheer evil of it! I get really angry at the government trying to shift blame (and responsibility) and now they say "fight it out between you, the last man standing wins!"