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The truths they don't want you to read....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Government Budget savings

This process was formerly known as 'making cuts', but is now much more positively spun. Unless you are on the receiving end.

It is a hell of an ambitious target to find 2% savings across the entire budget, and I am sure that Thatcher or major tried the same, and were torn apart by the Labour Party as they fiddled the figures to try to prove success.

If the Government succeed in achieving this, then it will be an amazing achievement; but one thing is certain, that there will be lots of tears before the process is completed.

I've scanned the plans and picked up some of the key areas that I can see, with the following cuts/savings over the next three years:
  • £3m from the HIAL budget
  • £3m from CalMac
  • £3m from VisitScotland
  • £11m from HIE and Scottish Enterprise
  • £1,048m from local Government (2% from each and every Council)
I'm sure that there are other significant matters, but these are the one that jump out at me.

Nothing like being ambitious. But just how will this affect service delivery?


Anonymous said...

Given the amount of time that public sector employees spend dreaming up ways of stifling productivity, being obstructive and generally avoiding having to do anything that would approximate useful work then the 2% target would seem quite modest.

If anybody from any academic research organisation happens across this post. Get stuffed, find a proper job.

Anonymous said...

Cuts in local government jobs seem to be well received by lots of folk that I know. Could be the SNP have realised they are on to a popular policy.