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Saturday, April 19, 2008

New council houses

It was a step in the right direction for Nicola Sturgeon to announce £25m for new Council house building over the next three years.

But the devil is in the detail. As always.

£25m over three years by 5m people by 26,000 in the Western Isles = £43,333 each year.


About 50% of a decent house each year.

Forgive my doubting, but I expect that this will turn out to be support for 'prudential borrowing' i.e. the Government will fund the interest on the loans, while the Comhairle runs up yet more debts. Remember, 20% of its total income goes to pay its debts, and this will just exacerbate the position, especially when the housing agencies are finding their funding being cut as part of the 2% saving demanded by the same Government.

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