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The truths they don't want you to read....

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lighthouse Caledonia

The more I look into the situation at Lighthouse Caledonia, the more confused I have become.

I have come across some company documents that seem to confirm the following:
  • The losses were not just forecast, but were as expected by analysts
  • There were no issues about hygiene or the work environment in Stornoway highlighted to the board (the one hygiene issue relating to Russia was flagged as nonsense)
  • The long-term profitability of Stornoway was not in doubt
  • There are no suggestions of any threat to the Stornoway operation, until very recently
I confess to being confused to what is going on, and I want to read the documents more carefully before making them publicly available.

My immediate gut feeling is that either there is another major issue looming behind the scenes that we are not aware about, or this is some kind of 'shroud waving' in a desperate effort to get some kind of grant support for the business.

More to follow over the weekend.....and if anyone has any further internal documents that can shed light on the matter, I'd be most grateful.

(Update 29/10: The dreaded lurgie has been rampaging through the house, and I haven't been well enough to finish reading all the material I intend to post)

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Anonymous said...

Any update as to what the Barra Bhoy and the Beach Bouy achieved following their visits to the factory? Or is the Barra Bhoy still recovering from his fact finding missions in Cambodia? At least he’s consistent – and done exactly what he did for our industry when Scalpay was threatened. Promised the world and delivered nought.