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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

First of many...

It was absolutely inevitable that an aide to an MSP would be caught smearing opponents.

It is just as inevitable that Parliamentary computers will be found to have been used for those purposes - in other words that you and I are paying for a 'civil servant' to sit in front of a computer and to misuse these facilities for party ends.

Mike Russell MSP, the erstwhile employer of said anonymous blogger, commented:

"There is no place for anonymous, despicable commentary of this sort in politics and the person no longer works for me. It shouldn't happen in any party. I hate the fact that this has happened."

"I am happy that this is the end of the matter - the person has paid the ultimate price, he no longer works for me."
I am sure that all MSPs will take the same attitude, and will vote to allow a thorough investigation of the misuse of Parliamentary computers for party ends by their employees. Or indeed by the MSPs themselves.

I'm happy to hand over the logs that I have showing that Scottish Parliament computers were used to make offensive - and potentially libelous - comments on this blog about a certain Labour politician; and to make others in a deliberate campaign to try to cause problems for me.


Anonymous said...

There are many examples of abusive cybernats on this site. Just dare to criticise anything that they are doing, touch light paper and stand well back. They then criticise because you don't dare expose who you are. Surely they don't think that we are that stupid to do that and receive even more targeted threats to ourselves and our families.

I think it is great that this guy has been caught but you know that there are many more who bow to the SNP "ethic" of shouting down anything that they don't like and it that doesn't work then spin the dirt and lies.

Invisibility of Cheese said...

No doubt one of Mr Russell's former halfwits/apprentices/unemployable can help Inspector MacKnacker with his inquiries into the misuse of Parliamentary computers to post party political comments.

Step forward A Allan and renounce your past now!