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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Scottish Football Team

When researching the previous post, I found a whole host of SNP press releases and news stories about the Olympics and a Scottish football team:
21/12/08: Scottish Sports Minister Stewart Maxwell has given the SFA his full backing over their opposition to a GB team at the London 2012 Olympics as Gordon Brown continues his efforts to force a GB football team.
10/3/09: The cut and shut creation of a GB side would endanger Scotland’s long term ability to compete in international football, and the UK government must ditch their crazy proposals and look at ways in which the situation can be resolved.

We must allow no precedent that could be used against us in the future, and no reason or argument given by those who seek to change the status quo has addressed that.
11/11/05: The Scottish National Party has called for a Scottish football team to be given "a shot" at the London Olympics.
Then I found a photo (thanks to The Steamie)..... just who do you think is a member of the GB Football Team, albeit the Parliamentary one?

GB Parliamentary football team
You might have to squint a bit, or enlarge the photo, and look to the person fourth from the left at the back, unusually hiding themselves and not sending hourly press releases to the Gazette is our MP, Angus MacNeil.

Remember that phrase from Pete Wishart MP, "We must allow no precedent that could be used against us in the future"? Oh dear, oh dear!


Anonymous said...

3 - 0 v Wales

Who wants a football team

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much expensess he claimed for that game.

Anonymous said...

it was 0-3 vs Wales was it not?
IE the taffies stuffed them! {:-)

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why there has been a news black-out on Hebrides News? Something going on at the Comhairle by chance?

Anonymous said...

'ere Angus

Whats with the rumour AB and AA have had Heb News shut down?

DSO to close?

Anonymous said...

3.26 et al I think that is just a rumour. The message coming from Heb News was 403 i.e. you do not have authority to access this server. It was them locking us out.

Anonymous said...

hebrides news is a great site but has anyone noticed how many dead links there always are on the new stories?

Anonymous said...

Angus - just leave our hard working MP alone. Dont you realise that he's busy on trying to get his Bill on mobile phones through parliament. He wants to have a right to roam with what ever ariel you choose. apparently her-indoors. is not so pleased with the title for the Bill - after firm pledges that he'd unfurled his ariel and put it away - and faithfully promsied only to use it in the dance studio in Barra. Wonder what kind of reception he's getting....

Anonymous said...

"hebrides news is a great site but has anyone noticed how many dead links there always are on the new stories?"

Yes! And it's pretty annoying. Cardinal rule of updating a webpage, especially on a news site, is edit offline and always check your links before you upload your pages.