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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Discussing Uganda

In this time of cutbacks, restraint in the public sector and general gloom and doom in the Comhairle offices, it is good to see that at the highest level Councillors are working closely together to ensure that the budgetting process is smooth and reflective of the wishes of majoirty.

Members have been busy during this process, ensuring that the a serious two-way discussion between town and country takes place, covering all the angles, and resulting in intense after-hours enagement between the parties.

It is unfortunate that this important process may have been misunderstood by the wife, resulting in an accidental transfer of kinetic force from her fist to his eye; which - no doubt - will form an important part of the budget setting process.


Joan Tyson said...


Anonymous said...

Unless you can clearly show that this is influencing political decision making, I'm not sure that this blog is a place for such gossip and innuendo. Such personal difficulties (if true) are surely between the people themselves.

The ayes have it said...

Anonymous 8:54 ---Aye Aye but if you put yourself in the public eye your eyes are in public view

Anonymous said...

I think I would have to agree with 8.54 on this one. If Angus had any conclusive proof that anything has really taken place between two councillors he would not be making innuendo but naming names.

Anonymous said...


If you take the moral high ground on such matters, perhaps. But, I would argue, only then.

Malky Blur & Flossie said...

Our Dear and Glorious Eternal Leader Kim Il-Campbell wishes it to be made known that he walked into a door. Accidentally. And it has nothing to do with this blog posting. It's just a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Tricky whether should be private or public. The decider for me is - did stuff happen during council time? i.e. the time that taxpayers pay for. If so, public. If not, private.

Anonymous said...

If the primeminister was shagging one of his MP's we'd be baying for blood due to the potential influence that such a relationship may have on his judgement.

Anonymous said...


It wasn't Angus who posted it.

Anonymous said...

On that basis no one would ever be able to say anything, as proof often follows the initial allegation.

If the story is true and the people involved are married or cohabitating (living in sin) with other people, then to be honest he deserves what he gets from his wife for failing to keep the snake under control.

As regards the treatment delivered to the husband a woman scorned etc. If the stories are to be believed, this is not the first offence then he knew what would happen.

Having said all that, if the people concerned are members of the church or even an elder, then perhaps we should have a stoning in accordance with the bible? I'm off to find some sharp stones. :-)

Anonymous said...


I'm not saying that anyone doesn't deserve private 'repercussions' from other parties involved in a particular issue. I'm simply saying that, in my opinion, it should be left to those parties involved unless it demonstrably impacts on a public role in one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Another new low, shame on you and your Blog.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but come on, it's not the first time, is it? If (and that's a big if) it's true, then it says something about the more senior person's judgement. And that senior person has his hand on a tiller that affects us all.

And it also makes you wonder whether meetings have been artificially prolonged or arranged to meet the personal needs of those concerned. Might be interesting to see the expenses?

Anonymous said...


To be fair - re the 'your blog' comment. See:

'The various bloggers who now contribute to this blog have taken over all responsibilities for allowing posting, for vetting comments and for all opinions expressed. Angus no longer has any responsibility for approving any comments made on any postings.'

Angus neither authored the OP or (as far as I know) has commented since.

And it is an interesting subject if we were to go slightly off- topic (from the particular to the principle.)

Where do personal morality and public probity overlap ? Or do they ? Or can aberrances from each co-exist ?

My own view is that (with a few rare and shining examples) we're all of us swimming in a grey zone. I have personal and family issues that I would not wish bruited if I were to seek public office (which I have no intention of doing) because they have no relevance to that sphere.

Others may have 'moral' matters on which they have opined long and hard - been sanctimonious even - and are then shown to be sore hypocrites.

All of these things are personal. I just find a sour taste in my craw when reading attacks on personal issues which the posters in question would hesitate to put elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I think it is hilarious that the people of the Islands think that this issue has only been aired / gossiped about on this blog. As one person I was speaking to yesterday commented "you can't turn over in your bed without the entire island hearing about it". Nothing up here is sacred or secret unless you just don't do it in the first place. The fact that two high profile islanders think that they can do this and get away with it is remarkable so maybe passion just took over. I do worry that this is the second time that the woman scorned has used the left hook approach, maybe she has anger management issues :-) Personally, I wouldn't touch his with yours so I don't quite get what the attraction is!!
Either way, it wasn't Angus' post and he doesn't seem to have commented on it as he always posts and comments in his own name. So put up with it, if you didn't hear it here you will hear it in town very soon. If you don't like what you hear or read then stay in your house, lock your doors and buy some ear plugs because that is the only way you will remain untainted. Be honest though you love the goss... you just pretend to be appalled...

Anonymous said...


Some things are 'within doors' if people wish. Few - I grant you.

I find it more remarkable that people wish to go on about personal matters when we are facing the biggest economic difficulties of the last 10-20 years in these islands.

The plethora of Government and NDPB Grants for WI communities ?

Bye bye

The easy-osey attitude to Local Government Finance ?

Bye bye

I'll post tomorrow when I've analyzed things more. Times are going to be hard and elected members aren't going to like it - used as they are to having things managed to their advantage.

Just as a near midnight call. I note that the Gazette quotes the Council as saying that there have been 'no costs' from the Golf Club appeal ?

Does that mean that the Council's in-house lawyers refused to deal with the matter or simply that there was no engagement of outside counsel. ie CASH.

If anyone is in a naughty mood, an FOI request about the opportunity costs of the case (which we are all paying for) might be fun.

Anonymous said...

For a blog that is meant to have it's hand on pulse of what's going on in these Islands, I'm surprised you are wasting time on gossip and not on subjects like the New Schools Contract fiasco. A number if not all local building contractors are paying off and reducing the hours of the employees that are left. This is at a time when THE BIGGEST building contract ever awarded by The Comhairle( all be it under the guise of scolltien urr ) is underway with local contractors so far only been thrown the urgent work at short notice and then when the main work gets going FMP bring in Contactors from Ireland with their own workforce.
This could turn out to be one of Irelands biggest building sites.

Anonymous said...

Yes as 7.26 has picked up this contract is too big for the take it or leave it pricing mentallity and will now be used as an excuse to cut jobs by local contractors because they have failed to price competitivley.

Anonymous said...

From what I've heard, you wouldn't want to do business with them anyway as they are very slow and bad payers.
The SULLP fiasco has been much discussed on this blog. Unfortunately no-one saw fit to do anything about their dodgy tendering processes and now we are left with an Irish company hiring Irish labour. What is there to discuss. If you want a voice and have an opinion, then speak up when it matters not after the horse has bolted.

Anonymous said...


I hear what you say. Let me advise you, however, that over the past year I have tried to get various fairly large house and garden jobs done by engaging local firms.

Not 'homers' either. Payment as required.

Did any of them want the work ? They did not.

Anonymous said...

I have it on good authority that the coonsil's in-house lawyers are already busy trying block an attempt by a journalist to use FOI to get the legal advice to the licensing board.
Their bollocks defence so far is that it wasn't written. However ...

Anonymous said...


I do hope that the said journalist is going to the Information Commissioner ? (Not a friend of LAs, that person.)

Dr Evadne said...

But whooo is the saucy little minx who has used her feminine charms to slide her way into the black silk sheets of CNES's very own Daniel Craig? Who is the Rebecca Loooos of Sandwick Road, who has turned this rampant love machine into a quivering thingy, throwing all caution to the wind in his search for unbridled passion. Who is she? What has she go that the rest of us haven't?

Anonymous said...

Dr Evadne, cut it out, will you? I'm trying to eat my dinner. Black silk sheets and Daniel Craig? (heaves quietly)

Obviously she's desperate - have you taken a look at Sandwick Road's finest recently? Power must be more of an aphrodisiac than I thought.

Anonymous said...

Personally i think that you people who gossip about people like you do are an absolute disgrace! You dont think about the hurt your vicious lies and rumours cause and you wont be so smart when somthing is said about yourself. Too many people with there tounges wagging before they even no what they are taliking about.
You people are on the outside of whats going on and talk rubbish about somthing you know nothing about.
Take a think about what you spread next time and realise next time it could be you or your family next on the stornoway gossip list.

Anonymous said...

Ha...all you council fat cats are a right shower of wankers,look at you all on ur wee blog...grow the fuck up!!CUNTS.

Anonymous said...

Ah, 9.39. The power of reasoned argument.