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Sunday, October 17, 2010

LibDem policy reversal (episode 47)

Remember those promises on energy sources?  Well they've gone the way of student fees, trust and the realisation that good ol' Uncle Vince is actually Keith Joseph reborn.
Plans for a controversial £30bn Severn barrage tidal energy project stretching from Weston-super-Mare in Somerset to Cardiff are expected to be scrapped.
Secretary of State for Energy Chris Huhne is expected to make the announcement in Parliament on Monday.
Reports suggest the scheme is to be axed as it is not "financially viable" and that instead he will give the go-ahead to new nuclear power stations. 
The LibDems may not realise this, quite yet, but the price of influencing the Government is to shed their principles and be the bearers of all the bad news.  This was exactly what happened in Scotland, and it looks like it is being repeated nationwide.

Just what Clegg thinks he is getting from the pact is a mystery, but Cameron clearly has his Aunt Sally for the duration of the Parliament.  Just how the LibDems expect to ever have electoral success again remains an enduring and unanswered mystery.  And one that won't be answered with 5p of petrol prices at some point in the future, Europe permitting.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for Batman and Robin aka MP and MSP to claim the victory for a Real Trial of proper Broadband Service this Lib-Con pact has provided us.

Bye Bye Conned Comunities - sorry Connected Communities