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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Information for Councillors

Did you know that you are expected to approve the creation of a Gaelic school at Sandwick at the coming series of meetings?

No you didn't because it is going to be presented to you as a fait accompli at a coming meeting.

Sources in Sandwick told me a few weeks back that the staff had already been told that the school was (not might, subject to consultation and Councillor approval) being turned into a Gaelic Medium school for the greater Stornoway area.

Today I received a copy of the informal and unbinding unannounced non-consultation about the proposed possible maybe perhaps changes to the catchment areas for Laxdale and Stornoway Primary.  However, the heading of the letter included references to Sandwick which were totally absent from the body of the letter.

As a give away, the pdf from the Education Department was entitled "Sty Pri and Laxdale catchment Gaelic school" and issued by the Director.

Now you know how you are expected to think and vote, so as not to upset the decisions already taken on your behalf to create a Gaelic ghetto.

No fee will be charged for this information.


Anonymous said...

It's been around for ages. Get with it.

Anonymous said...

Thank Goodness - Absolutely nothing about the farce that took place yesterday on you blog!are you and I the only two sane people on the planet?

Anonymous said...

Given their recent record, it's more likely to be less-than-competence on the part of the Education Department rather than a conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

This is a most sensible move for Gaelic medium education in the Stornoway area and if this is happening it is to be applauded. For years gaelic pupils have had to struggle for material and the economies of scale this would create can only be good.

Anonymous said...

During the consultation process for the closure of rural schools Joan MacKinnon was asked about the possibility of using one of the schools put forward for closure as a gaelic medium school for the whole of the Isle of Lewis - her reply was that this had been looked into in the past and that there was not enough interest in gaelic medium to make this a viable option - this information can be obtained from the manuscript of the Shawbost school consultation.

It hardly seems fair when so many rural schools where gaelic is being taught (and taught well)are being closed by a council who are intent on centralising everything in Stornoway! No wonder we have so little faith in a council and education department who operate in such an underhand way.

I wonder how you would feel if you were in one of the rural communities where the council are forging ahead with judicial reviews to close schools that have put forward very sound cases and viable options for remaining open. These schools are accused of costing an extra £million - rubbish - it is the council's mismanagement and presumption that these schools would be closed that is leaving them with this supposed £million deficit. Better housekeeping, proper consultation and a clearer vision for the future of rural communities would have ensured that they had their finances in better order.

Anonymous said...

I hope they will also give rural parents the option of having their children go to this school.