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Friday, April 01, 2011

A poisoned chalice

My usually reliable sources tell me of some problems at the Callanish visitors centre that are the source of many red faces in the Council offices.

I am told that the expansion plans for the centre require the title for the land to be transferred so that grant funding can be released.

The reason for the red faces?

Well, it appears that the Comhairle gifted some of the land to the Centre some years ago, only to now find that it wasn't Council owned land.

Rather than trying to sort the problem, there seems to be a lot of paper shuffling and a desperate desire not to have to deal with this.

Could this be in any way related to the fact that the legal section at that time employed one M Burr, and that is why the Councillors are being kept in the dark again?


Anonymous said...

Hereinafter to be referred to as the 'ransom plot'? I wonder how much this is going to cost us?

Anonymous said...

The Legal Dept of the Comhairle has always been and remains a shambles. Just consider the many episodes it has lead US into- and the huge sums of compensation paid because of their collective gross incometence. John Soval being the latest. Blurr,McDonald & Shoveit?

Anonymous said...

Legal Department to be privatized:

Norfolk and Sense

Anonymous said...

7.37 Aside from the dreadfully funny pun, why do we need to be paying lawyers at the White House?

Why don't we just get lawyers from Highland Council to do the work for us - surely they could lose the files and forget to chase the debts just as well as this lot do?

A quick ask around reveals that the budget of the Legal Section is about half a million a year. Exactly what are we getting for that?