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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, December 04, 2011

How others see us......

Two almost unbelievable pieces of news, that are guaranteed to keep us as the community that time forgot and where dinosaurs still run wild.
Hogmanay celebrations on Lewis will be cut short an hour before the bells – to avoid offending strict religious groups by partying on a Sunday.
With almost a quarter of the residents of Lewis expected at the event, which is being paid for by a Council grant, it looks like the whole rationale of the event will be lost by the plug being pulled at 11pm.

Of course, it will actually be midnight GMT, so perhaps the solution is to have a separate time zone for Lewis and Harris (and bits of N Uist).  As your ferry docks - Bing! Bong! - "Turn your watches back to 1970".

Mad fecking protestor

In a further burst of the true spirit of Christmas, the recording of an Ecumenical Christmas service in Martins Memorial Church last night was the subject to picketing by various Christian groups who objected to a Priest, a Minister from the Church of Scotland and a Minister from the Free Church (this sounds like the start of a joke, but it so isn't) holding a joint service.  Hopefully, the media will reveal exactly who was outside, rather than in, and we can all hold them in the respect they are due.

The spirit of Pastor Jack Glass lives on....

Still we are not as bad as the spokesman for the Reformed Unfree Alternative Church (continuing) in Saudi Arabia who have adversely assessed the proposition that women should be allowed to drive.

The report contains graphic warnings that letting women drive would increase prostitution, pornography, homosexuality and divorce.


Dr Evadne said...

Wrong Angus. 23.00 hours will actually be midnight BST which means that if AB MacNeil stops blathering on about Tory time bandits then New Year, Lewis time would be correct. If you see what I mean. Leave the clocks alone in October and Sabbath New Year celebrations will be completely Kosher (can I say that?)

Anyway, I can't see a problem with this. Half the Hogmanay crap that is on teli is recorded in August so Stornoway is doing quite well, all considered.

Anonymous said...

The fireworks have been before the bells on numerous occasions when the round table organised them. Was intended that young families and those from the country could see the fireworks, then head home safely to celebrate the bells with their kin, not for religious reasons. Having people travel into the town for 1am has never been fair to the non-townies and those with small children.

Anonymous said...

Angus I know your blog has been absolute crap of late and judging by the comments (or lack of) most people have lost interest, but thats no reason for you to stoop to the level of Ian X just to get the anti church mob posting

Anonymous said...

Ehhhh....unless I am mistaken we are currently using GMT so it will indeed be 2300 GMT and not 0000...but I completely agree with the sentiment of your story!

Anonymous said...


The Outer Hebrides.

Otherwise known as the bastard child of Life of Brian and Father Ted.

Anonymous said...

Ah, comments from the PUBIC (Preserving Utterly Backward Islands Church-run) mob.

Midnight at the end of December 31st is midnight at the end of December 31st. That's when people - not just old, but young and very young - see in the New Year. That's because THAT IS WHEN THE NEW YEAR STARTS.

Yet again, for about the millionth time, the miserable bastards who inflict their "ghostie in the sky" religion on us see some people potentially having an enjoyable time, and stop it. That's what it comes down to. We have power, so we will use it. We will make these islands different to anywhere else, because we can.

If a bunch of people took power in the Comhairle, declared that they all believed in fairies, and ordered that no-one could croft the bottom 100 metres of the land in case the fairies are disturbed, it would be no less ridiculous than the current frequent abuses of power.

I have no problem with people worshipping a ghostie man with a beard on a cloud, or Santa Claus, or the fairies. It is their private right to do so. When it is detrimental to the lives of others; then it's unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

Weirdly and uniquely a Lewis story of course, but by the time the bells arrive it'll all have blown over and people will have their p*ss-up anyway, in town or out of town.

I hope this story doesn't start certain people writing in to the Gazette again arguing about which day is actually the Sabbath :-)

Angus said...

Anon 5:19 - fair comment, as I have been stupidly busy and the time to manage the blog has been pushed further and further back.

I'll try and up the ante.....


Anonymous said...


Some heart warming Festive cheer &
Wise words-in-song are called for…

‘On the twelve days of Christmas
my true love (allegedly) sent to me,

12 Crofting townships

11 Directors dancing

10 Lawyers leaping

9 Million for LochBriandale

8 Ways to milk it

7 Writers to the Signet

6 Hacks a-lying

5 Golden years

4 Court cases pending

3 Islands affected

2 Many deals unknown

And a marauding deer on every croft’

Yours brazenly

Lord G.

Anonymous said...


Just for a moment I thought you were refering to Pairc - but we still have a long way to catch up with you but the Lairds are trying hard.

Anonymous said...

Just who is this Brian reference that is popping up continually?.

Is he like the guy in the MontyPython as in 'Life of ....', in that the Python gang know him and what he is up to but nobody else knows of him.

Blessed be the cheesemakers.

Anonymous said...

Blessed ARE the cheesemakers :-D

Anonymous said...

This isn't a religious comment - it's a tired Mum comment.

I am sure everyone likes the bells but neither I nor my kids can stay awake for them. I for one am delighted that I will be able to get me (and them) home and tucked up in bed by midnight, and avoid cranky, tired grizzling the next day.

Now excuse me, I have to get the hot chocolate on and get into my jammies.