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Monday, April 23, 2012

Election prophesies

"Forecasting is difficult, especially about the future", Mao Tse Tung

I'm having real difficulty in working out who might remain after the election, as it is a bit easier to identify those who look like being elected in their communities.

I look at the lists and despair at some of the candidates.  Truly despairs.  Especially, when I think that some of these will actually get their incompetent paws on the reins of power.  It is moderately comforting that they will be so out of their depth that any damage they do will be minimal.

The incoming Council will be worse than the last, despite the presence of some extremely able individuals, and it is clear to me that the gap between the best and worst Councillors is widening at every election.  But then we get who we vote for.

The easy prophesy first.  The only people who will be re-elected at the first round, for varying reasons, will be John MacKay, Charlie Nicolson and and Catherine MacDonald.

Most of the rest will be relying upon 3rd and 4th votes to get in. 

In Ness, Alasdair Dunlop should fill the vacancy, and Iain Morrison should be back.

In Stornoway North, Murdo Murray should get in, as should Iain "Sheep" MacAulay, but which of the sitting Councillors will go?

In Point I think that perhaps only 1 of the existing Councillors will survive, but I'm really torn as to who will replace them.  My head says Iain Don MacIver and Alasdair MacLeod.

In North Lochs and Uig, Norman Angus MacDonald will replace Norman Angus MacDonald - Puss to replace Docus.  I think Annie MacDonald might squeeze back in, but the rest is a lottery.

Poor, poor, residents of South Lochs and Harris.  Three of the four candidates don't even live in the ward, and one didn't seen to have realised the date of the elections when he booked his holidays in the Himalayas, where he will be advised by the voters that they come first.  DJ MacRae looks to be one of the very few bright spots for the Labour Party with his unique take on Council politics.  His presence will certainly be distinctive and he will have an inimitable approach to decision making.

South Uist and Barra is a crazy wide-open race.  I though Donald Manford was out, as the lightening rod for the abolition of RET, but now I'm not so sure.  He will not, however, under any circumstances, be Chair of Transportation after the elections.  Ronnie MacKinnon will be back.  As for the rest, given the history in this ward, I suspect the other sitting Councillors are in serious danger of all losing.

The rest of the wards are too crazy to call, although the fate of certain individual individuals is really clear.

This is not an election for the faint-hearted candidate, and I think that virtually all of them should be preparing two speeches.

I think I get an invitation to the count, but I'm not sure my stomach can take the sight of certain individuals saying vacuous crap they don't believe in.


Anonymous said...

'.....It is moderately comforting that they will be so out of their depth that any damage they do will be minimal......'

I think you may have cause to regret that statement.

Anonymous said...

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." Plato

Anonymous said...

Democracy= when two idiots can out-vote a genius.
It happens all the CnES. Self interest,vested interest, jobs for the boys, Of course Puss and Cudaig are going to change the world and all the new boys are going to create jobs and millions. The old school like DHM promised to mend the potholes and pavements......

Anonymous said...

I agree with 1.35 am. Isn't it usually the case though,and very obviously so round here, that anybody who would be effective as a councillor wouldn't touch it with a bargepole. The shining exception being the late Angus Graham.I think most of them are doing it for the salary and the personal kudos rather than the benefit of their community.

Anonymous said...

The calibre of our councillors since the first council in the 70's has fallen sharply.

Where are the fishermen, ministers, builders, sailors, etc.. individuals who have made it on their own, travelled the world, have had real life experiences and not wasted their working days in meaningless employment within the public sector.

I wish we had a puss or a cudaig or a manford in our ward. I shall be staying at home instead of voting.

Anonymous said...

when you talk about history in a ward how exactly are you defining this? all wards in CNES have existed for 5 yrs and have a history of 1 election. Would I be totally out of order suggesting that you are as good at predicting the future as a turkey in mid December?

Anonymous said...

Re - 2.18

I can't decide whether you are a pedant or a fool.

Could you enlighten me?