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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

UHI - the future?

The report in The Herald vindicates what I have been saying for a few years.

The sad part is that the centralisation is being driven by Government as a cost saving measure, when skills should be grouped in devolved centres of excellence - finance in island X, student records in island Y and admin in location Z.

It's a lot like the stupidity of having CalMac in Gourock when it should be in Barra (or Colonsay, or Lewis) with the directors not allowed to fly.

Sadly, the aspiration for devolution seems to stop at Edinburgh....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct! UHI is in grave danger of becoming UI - University of Inverness.

And on Calmac, of course the directors and the departments should be distributed around the areas served (served?? Ha!!). Currently the nearest most HQ staff get to a ferry is seeing them pass outside the office window. Norwegian coastal ferries do not support a massive shore infrastructure. When you phone to enquire about the ship the call is taken on board. The ship runs itself, ordering supplies etc from on board. When I recently phoned the number published on the web the call was taken by the cafeteria and as they could not answer the enquiry I was put through to the bridge.