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The truths they don't want you to read....

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fading memories

Isn't it all a bit pathetic - and frankly unbelievable - that neither the Westminster nor Holyrood Governments can manage to draw up a list of meetings with self-important tycoons, without managing to omit one or more of these events.

The "Oops, I forgot all about it..." defence has worn so thin as to be nothing more than a veneer that politicians use to cover their own embarrassment.

Perhaps the most information that has come out is in showing how little difference there is between the lying capacity and duplicity of all of the political parties.


Anonymous said...

Looking back at some 2006 newspaper reports on Trump's golf course. Fat Al seemed pretty keen on a round or two in the future, while the Trump was making it very clear that a wind farm view was a deal breaker. There must have been quite a few meetings where this was discussed.

Anonymous said...

People do change their minds on these matters. Look at RSPB who are now erecting wind turbines at some of their establishments, but not in Lewis! Donald will also come round to the idea that its good thing to have a few wind turbines around which his golfers can use as target practice.

Anonymous said...

RSPB haven't changed their minds. They support windfarms where they are not a threat to resident bird species.

Anonymous said...

The windmills are the getout cos the deal's already bombed.

The deal's been trumped by recession and Mophead needs to save face and blame someone or anyone. Eck should have a hide thick enough, unless he needs to hide.