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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Community Care

I've just finished doing a distressing piece of work for a client whose husband is suffering from Alzheimer's.

The impact on the other spouse is potentially horrendous, both emotionally and particularly financially.

Having researched the situation, it looks like half their savings are going to be hoovered up in a few short years to pay for care. This is regardless of the fact that they have both worked non-stop from leaving school to past retirement age, and paid all their taxes without fail.

Instead of being able to help the grandchildren - on whom they dote - to go to University and College they face paying over £600 per week for the bed and care that will be received. That's £33,800 per annum, and the philosophy seems to be that everyone must now be expected to make provision for long-term care.

This is appalling, and what can be done is limited. The Alzheimer's Scotland website was particularly useful and concise on this matter, and is blunt and too the point. This legislation needs to be changed (and paid for out of general taxation) before it affects you and I - directly or indirectly.

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Reiver said...

The laws that were passed allowing state robbery of senior citizens posessions, simply because they have the misfortune to become ill, should be changed ASAP.
If I remember correctly this was a Thatcher policy but all parties are culpable since for either not changing the law or not even having it in their manifesto.