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The truths they don't want you to read....

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Thatcher leaves hospital


As Elvis Costello so beautifully put it ...

The lyrics are here.


Anonymous said...

Word is she appears to be fine, but was discharged from hospital because the doctors gave up trying to find a pulse.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, and how many post offices did she close?

Anonymous said...

From what I hear one SNP Lochs councillor is likely to end up in hospital (tenious link to this post - but hey!) when his constituents get hold of him.

Apprently at the Eishkein meeting on Friday he stood up and said that he was in favour of the scheme, despite having been elected of the ticket of being against it.

Can anyone confirm if this is a case of Chinese whispers or is true?

If it is true that may well be a career stopper. Jumping ship less than 12 months in will not install faith in the community, some of whom are already talking of betrayal.

If he is reading this perhaps he would like to put the record straight (or perhaps better via the letters page of the Gazette). I am a great believer in hearing it direct before I make a judgement.

Anyone still got his election literature?

Anonymous said...

SNP making false pre-election claims to get in - surely not!Classic SNP more like. I look forward to this one developing.

Anonymous said...

Nothing on the MWT website about this and they give a first hand report of the meeting. Sounds like a classic Labour smear on a good man to me. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

I don't kmow how many Post offices she closed but she stole our childrens milk.

Anonymous said...

She was a conviction politician who never wavered and stood by her beliefs. The fact that her beliefs would put many people out of work, others into poverty and yet more into jail is not that important. What will I remember her for? The deaths of the crew of an enemy warship that was leaving a battlezone in compliance of her orders but was sunk as revenge for our (ie UK) losses? The miners looking for job security and worthwhile pay beaten up by a police force with a recent and decent pay rise in their back pocket? The poll tax aiming to bring an equal method of funding local government because 'why should a duke pay more than a dustman'? The destruction of a manufacturing base in favour a virtual slavery in services? New Labour? I'd better stop. When the time comes I'll stand there laughing and I'll tramp the dirt down.

Anonymous said...

Cllr Philip MacLean said he support the development. He has thereby lied to his constituents.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:19

So the entire SNP Group on the Council support windfarms.

The entire SNP Group on the previous Council supported windfarms.

The wannabe SNP Councillors who opposed windfarms weren't allowed to stand due to the embarrassment factor.

Looks like the MP and MSP are the one's who are out of step.

Anonymous said...

Phil should be ashamed of himself. How can he do this? Can you beleive anything this guy tells you from now on.

If he is half a man he will do the honourable thing and walk.

No matter what party you represent you can at least be honest and workmanlike and not stab your community in the back 9 months in.

Anonymous said...

She is a national treasure. Have you ever had a standing ovation just from being in a restaurant? She is the embodiment of what a true Brit is. You should be both humbled and gratified at the good she has done to our great nation.

Anonymous said...

Come on, the Lochies only have themselves to blame, he never even stayed there and they voted the prat in, then he moved there, the guy's only looking for some income, dont think he knows much about politics. Then again come to think about it, where is the CNES councillor list ?

Anonymous said...

Isnt this his second time in office?

Was he as two faced first time round?

Anonymous said...

shameful Western Isle Labourites cannot even criticise Thatcher and instead take to sniping at the SNP. That shows where politics in Scotland is today. Does the UK matter anymore?

Do any of these anonymous snipers of Cllr MacLean live in Lochs or are they the West Side MWT mob with their no wind farm not ever attitude. If the Lochies want to make money from their land by renting it to windfarmers then more wind to their turbine!

Anonymous said...

Birlin John Smith

I live in Pairc and he is a two faced prat. Having attended a meeting where campaigned against on shore wind factories he has obviously been bought off like other so called community leaders and elders in Pairc by Oppenheim.

At least Big Annie was honest in her support for a bent businessman.

Anonymous said...

birlin' john smith

You'll find that the battle is between the SNP Parlimentarians (aka MWT) and the SNP Councillors.

Anonymous said...


Fact is "us Lochies" do not want these things, polls have shown that time and time again.

Everyone down here knows the dark-side, who they are, and the intimidation they apply. Its like living in the dark ages

Supporters are MacDowall who is a failed businessman who would personally gain, and remember Iain MacIver advocate of AMEC has said he would object to Pairc as they might spoil his view.

At least our arguements are not as self centred as these creeps.

Anonymous said...

with Annie you see what you get. It might not be pretty, but there is a hell of a lot of it!

MacLean really needs to sort himself out

Anonymous said...

West Side MWT mob with their no wind farm not ever attitude.

Is this the same MWT mob that Alasdair Allan was joined at the hip with during his entire election campaign?

Anonymous said...


You still harp on about right wing control 20 years ago as if it mattered today.

How about the Stalinist control this council has over its employees!

Sent: 06 March 2008 14:13
To: CNES - Members

Dear Councillor,

I am aware that you may have received, or may shortly receive, representations directly from members of staff who either have questions regarding, or feel aggrieved about, the Single Status process. I believe that at the recent UNISON Annual General Meeting, members of staff were encouraged to contact Members directly regarding individual and general Single Status issues, which is both unfortunate, and contrary to the Comhairle's Staff Code of Conduct.

I would advise you not to become involved in detailed staffing matters, and to refer any such enquiries to the Job Evaluation Team in Human Resources, or to me directly. I shall ensure that an appropriate response is sent to all enquiries.

Kind regards.


Malcolm Burr
Chief Executive
Comhairle nan Eilean Siar
Council Offices

Anonymous said...


Dramatis Personae

Alex A as Joe Stalin
Angus VC as Kruschev
Angus Graham as Lenin's Ghost
Donald Manford as Trotsky
Malcolm B as the KGB
Anon 1024 as the Proletariat
Common Sense as itself

Scene 1
Proletariat enters stage left and encounters Common Sense.

COMMON SENSE: What a load of nonsense 1024! If a major company were to be going through a process such as this you would not expect the tea lady to complain to board members, there would be a process of appeal to go through. However there is nothing wrong with employees raising concerns about the general process with the board and nowhere is this banned. Go take some valium and come back in two weeks.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should go back to mainland control to rid ourselves of the nasty taste of the corrupt bullying Council, Councillors, nepatism, back handers, jobs for the boys, brown envelope culture we are so intrenched in.

I hear Tweedle Dee on Radio nan Gael this morning talking about AMEC windfarm being consented. He is just deluded, should be pensioned off and sectioned. Not particularly in that order either.

Anonymous said...

Er, what? So Burr is advising Councillors that they should pass on, to him, concerns sent to them in confidence by constituents.

Illegal, possibly. Unethical, certainly. Journalists, sharpen your quills...

Anonymous said...

Angus, you have obviously had this up your sleeve for a long time... But as much as i hate what thatcher did to this country (I am here speaking specifically about Scotland) I still think TB was worse! Please prepare one for when he goes. LS.

Anonymous said...

Quite right too, Mr. Burr. Certain councillors are already extremely busy shafting the rest of the islanders re. the LWP windfactory. It is unfair to impose an additional moral burden on their shoulders by having them listen to their constituents.

Anonymous said...

3:59 Yes she is a national treasure - and we all know from primary school that the right thing to do with treasure is to bury it, or at the very least secrete it on a treasure island, far from civilisation!