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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Windfarm decision

According to the Gazette it is due in days.


According to our MSP, “the options open to the Minister were to accept an amendment to the application which would be 'a reasonably unusual situation' or to approve or reject it in its entirety” which indicates he is out of the loop.

My feeling is that it will be for approval of a reduced number of turbines, exclusively on Stornoway Trust land, and with some further conditions.

This – of course – would be as a result of the questions and opinions passed to him by the Comhairle in the list of proposed conditions to which we gave our support.

No sign of the ludicrous, illegal, and ill-thought out “time limited Public Inquiry” touted by our MP before the last election; mainly due to the fact it wasn’t possible. Which he was repeatedly told and duly ignored. Never mind, thankfully it is never going to happen, and he will know better now.


Anonymous said...

Surely one PLI is enough for you Angus. I have been told that you are representing the Comhairle at the Eisgein Inquiry. Is this true?

Anonymous said...

If the thing gets turned down, all hell will break loose along Sandwick Road.

Anonymous said...

Good. If a 'reduced number of turbines' are approved, I expect that they will not be anywhere within the EU Special Protection Area catchment. If they are, Brussels will need to be notified for further action.

If, on the other hand, the turbines are sited on land which is under no special protection, that's fine: the need then will be to ensure that any power generated by such turbines is pointed up as being wildly expensive and totally irrelevant.

In declining economic times, British folk will not be pleased when they're told that they're being forced to subsidize the islanders and LWP, for exactly nothing in return.

Anonymous said...

The precedent of an inquiry for Eishken has been set - so what are you on about?

Anonymous said...

MSP is not out the loop.

There is no way partial consent can be given, (or could have by the time you read this) as that would be against the EU directives.

No proposal has been put in for a smaller scheme and if you go back to the minded to refuse letter the devloper has never offically responded with anything new to support their case.

They have taken it on the chin and are letting the muppet councillors get all in a frenzy.

LWP have actually said nothing since Jan.

Angus - are you doing the Eisgein PLI of your own free will, or are CNES twisting you arm, or do they have you legally tied?

Angus said...

I know nothing about being invited to attend the Eishken PLI, but rest assured I will not be shy in confirming my attendance, were that to be the case.

Anonymous said...

Having just been to Auld Reekie I have one message for the Comhairle, straight from the walls of parliment

Put all your eggs into one basket -and then watch that basket

Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919)

I would add however that you could be watching the basket for a bloody long time!

! said...

April 8th.

Please, someone, anyone, make a decision. Let's move on (somewhere).

(What's Gaelic for "The Limbo Islands"?)

Anonymous said...

It will be out well before the Eishkein Inquiry

My money is on next week. They just announced a thumbs up for Gordonbush, so can now sneak out the negative news of a turn down....