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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another step forward?

NPower have today lodged their planning application for the wave power station in Shader.

This is another great potential leap forward for the islands, but just how are they going to get the power off the island and into the National Grid? Details of the application will follow.


Anonymous said...

Not that I don't support renwable energy, heaven forbid, oh no; but I don't think the location for this project is right as it may interfere with the breeding grounds and breeding cycle of the very rare Barvas whale.

And it will mash to a pulp all these poor little birdies who dive ino the water to get fish.

And all the radiation from the power lines will cause the red-tailed divers to grow to 50' big and become rabid and kill everything within miles of Shader. Including cars.

I didn't retire here to see economic development that doesn't line my pocket.

And I can see it from my house, so it might affect my property values. But not that it wouldn't be a good idea, just somewhere/anywhere that won't impact on me.

Anonymous said...

One option is to use it in those Lewis and Harris homes. Local electricity for local people :-) And, seriously, it would reduce electricity lost through long-distance transmission.

Anonymous said...

The 4MW output is enough to power 20% of homes in Lewis and Harris, so does not warrant transmission across the water. It will benefit local people, not Central Belt or London fatcats.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 3.34pm - After spending however many hundreds of thousands of pounds on such a development do you seriously think that npower are going to let locals have electricity CHEAPER than they charge their other customers? Dream on! If they can produce it cheaper they will sell at the same price as always and just make bigger profits (for the fatcat shareholders). Where's the local benefit?

Anonymous said...

2001 the LWF development was first muted. Here we are 7 - 8 years down the line and we dont have a single turbine in any of the proposed areas. "We need it to be a biggie for the interconnector" said our politicians.

Now the main perpetrators of this sham have been unelected (i.e the Labour party who didnt have the guts to announce that the final decision would be "ILLEGAL")but probably knew it during their term of office have now been turfed out. Pardon the peaty pun.

Total disgrace. Our councillors and trustees should hang their heads in shame also. A total lack of a finger on the pulse and they have wasted not a little time and a lot of our money on a big fat zero which is what absolutely nobody wanted.

Lets not forget LWP reduced the number of turbines at the very last minute when they already had a hunch all was probably lost.

Where was the uproar from CNES and Trust then that there was when the general public originally decried the size of the project?

Did they have the balls to go to the developers and represent the people's concerns about the size of it? No. So here we are. With nothing. And its their fault. Nobody elses.

More power to the Shader development and many more like it.

Anonymous said...

Where's the local benefit? - construction, maintenance, tourism, forms a breakwater, work for Arnish, ..............are these not benefits.

I also suspect there will be less than 11,000 objections!

Anonymous said...

Surfs up dudes!

Anonymous said...

mtw are nimbys - Lets hope so!:-)

Anonymous said...

At least MWT represented a bigger percentage of the views held by the islands population than the elected councillors.