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Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Price of Fuel

It is good to see former Comhairle Trading Standards Officer, Dave Thompson MSP – an old family friend - raise the issue of fuel prices with the OFT.

That is raise the issue again. Again.

After the Comhairle calling for an investigation, and a previous OFT investigation into the retailers, and investigation into the wholesalers/manufacturers/oligopolists is long overdue.

Just one thought.

As Dave is an MSP and this is a reserved power, shouldn’t this have been raised by Angus MacNeil MP?


Anonymous said...

have you not read this weeks gazette. Page 5

Anonymous said...

The retailers only got off the hook last time when they claimed that islanders wanted to be served at the pump, so the additional staff costs were the reason for the high prices.

That no longer holds - so perhaps OFTI should look back at that one too

Anonymous said...

Some very basic research would have shown you that Angus Macneil has highlighted the issue of fuel prices and their impact on rural areas several times at Westminster.

Here are some links for you:

Anonymous said...

SNP glory hunting again

Anonymous said...

3:27PM ... and if they weren't doing anything, you'd write "SNP ignoring the needs of the citizens again".


Anonymous said...

Did Angus Brendan not invent the concept of fuel on his school holidays in Barra as a boy, at the same time as he discovered wind power, nuclear fission and gravity?

Just to make myself available - AB - I'd be happy to write any future speeches for you

Anonymous said...

They may work for you (deliberate pun) but he doesn't respond to emails.
Shame on AB

Anonymous said...

In the esteemed words of Harry Hill

"MacSween or MacNeil? MacNeil or MacSween - FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't give greasy Macsween the time of day - remember he was booted out of Labour for standing against the official Labour candidate in the Comhairle elections afew years ago. Is this the best Labour can come up with? He's proved it before - he's in it for himself and not his Party.

Anonymous said...


MacSween will have an affinity with oor Angie then, and his run ins with the Nats!