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The truths they don't want you to read....

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tesco's plans

Good to see civilisation reaching Lewis, as we all welcome the coming of a new supermarket to bring joy and light into an otherwise dull and boring community.

Oh! what a sad life we lead, if that is the best we have to talk about.

A tiny, minuscule, piece of paper on the door of Somerfield (deceased) indicates the intention of Tesco to apply for an off-sales licence 10am to 10pm seven days a week.

Given Tesco's reputation for ruthlessly commercial behaviour, could this explain why they are recruiting 50 extra (part-time) staff - to open on a Sunday?


Anonymous said...

Oh good Allah. The Free Church versus Tesco.

This'll be a battle to watch.

One's a power-mad, crushing the opposition by whatever means, branches-everywhere, mass controlling and high profile manipulator of society and the media.

The other's a chain of supermarkets.

Anonymous said...

Why continually knock Tesco's?

Looks like they are creating more jobs than any windfarm on here ever would. That must gall you Angus.

When do we get to see your presentation for the forthcoming inquiry?

Anonymous said...

^^ nice one!

Anonymous said...

Why knock Tescos?

I don't think that Angus is knocking anyone who is bringing jobs to the Islands it's just very hypocritical that many of the arguments against the windfarm involved:-
* Large multinational conglomerate, self-serving, profit making business who is not doing anything for the good of the Islands only it's shareholders
* Any jobs created would be low level, low skilled and would not attract the highly skilled workforce that we would want on these Islands
* Destruction of the local way of life including the religious and cultural beliefs of those who lived here

And difference between Tesco and Amec is........

Bring it on. One only has to read the press reports on what Tesco has done to local business and economies. We'll end up with such a wasteland in the centre of town with local businesses being driven out of business by Tesco that we'll be able to build the windfarm there and leave our beautiful moors for all the millions of tourists and birds. What a result.

Anonymous said...



They will be put somewhere on public display - I would guess at the Kremlin - so we can all have a rummage.

Anonymous said...

Local shops can and do survive despite the "close attentions" of Tesco. However, in order to do so, they must offer things that Tesco's don't.
Most of the local shops here don't do that, though some do.

The local shops must therefore evolve and survive, or face extinction. Oh just remembered, we don't do evolution here do we? {:-)

Anonymous said...

My goodness, what a bunch of ideological puritans you get on this site! I can also report that I got some right bargains in the Coop yesterday.

Anonymous said...

evolution: the new definition, any intelligent and/or highly organised group (or individual) working towards a given end... wait... did these athiests really leave room for God there?!

Anonymous said...

12:35 sorry to dissapoint you but I'm a christian. However, I don't take the old testament literally. It's a collection of stories made by people trying to understand how the world around them came to be.
However, I'm always *open* to new evidenced arguments. I find a closed mind counter productive.

Anonymous said...

i always like to leave mine open - but not open enough to let my brains - and God - drop out

Mo said...

I've just discovered this blog and first of all I must say this is the most refreshing blog I have encountered in ages. Well done Angus!

Secondly, I also live in a rural part of Scotland where the influx of a major retailer has closed down a couple of poor wee local shopkeepers. These poor souls had for years been making an extravagant living in their minimarkets, charging us, one of the lowest paid regions in the UK, extortionate prices for junk food that looked like it had been on the shelves since the war. A fond farewell to them then.

With the advent of the supermarket we now have good food at good prices. The supermarket however, can't compete with the retailers of high quality local produce in the town, which are the butchers and the bakers. These small businesses are thriving and actually expanding.

With demise of local industry the supermarket is indeed now a significant employer thus contributing to the local economy.

Fear ye not the power of the mighty Tesco. (I'll resist the urge to comment on the kirk and Sunday openings in case I offend anyone)

Best Wishes

P.S. In case you're wondering, I don't work for Tesco PR Dept... lol