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The truths they don't want you to read....

Friday, November 13, 2009

Praise where praise is due (updated)

Everyone in the Western Isles needs to read the story in this week's West Highland which utterly, completely and finally put the future of the Rocket Range on the backburner.

The case made by QinetiQ is smoothly and efficiently gutted by the Defence Minister, who seems to have learned more about the QinetiQ operations from the employees and Tax Force than from QinetiQ themselves.
“I was very struck during my many conversations with senior engineers and technicians in the Hebrides by the fact that none of them had had sight of the detailed proposals. I was able to identify from these conversations at least one understated investment expenditure which was acknowledged by QinetiQ management.”
And, of course, from the case built by the Task Force using specialist consultants:
“I think Jane’s [Advisory Services] comments should be taken seriously and the proposal should not go ahead unless we are satisfied with QinetiQ’s response.”
Then Mr Davies beautifully skewers QinetiQ over their failure to consider any problems that might arise in getting planning permission on St Kilda, and a host of other (important) local issues.

The extent and nature of the critique should be enough to keep the Range safe for many years and it is yet another tribute to the Task Force and the workforce for their intense hard work in a short period of time.

We really must appreciate the full depth and extent of the impact that their hard work has had.

Just as well they didn't listen to our MP, talking about the visit by the Minister: “Playing the old trick of lobby me lobby me won’t wash.”

Update 14/11/09: The letters can be read here and here. The quality of the files may be less than perfect.


Anonymous said...

The silence that's greeted this post is deafening.

There's been no great rush by SNP's normally (over)loyal supporters to defend their former hero. No feeble excuses. No tortured explanation for the MP's complete lack of political nous when fears for the Range's future were first raised. No unlikely and incredible defence of the tactics he adopted at that time.

If I were Angus B, I'd be deeply worried by it. How do you expect SNP loyalists to defend their standard-bearer when they're in their heart of hearts not totally convinced by him themselves?

Their doubts will show in every conversation. What can they possibly say to defend the sheer political incompetence of the man in the situation the Range employees were landed in?

We will watch, wait and wonder ... No doubt the most bone-headed of them will find a way.

Anonymous said...

11.24 has got it in one. not a word of defence or denial from even the most verbose Nats. surely unique. Big question now is whether McNeil's media safe havens will follow it up. Over to you, Donnie Gazette and the fearless interrogators of Radion nan Gaidheal

Anonymous said...

RE - 11.24

There's no chance of the latter happening.

In most constituencies, the kind of mistake Angus B has made in terms of failing to protect people's jobs would mean that he would be hung out and dried by his own supporters - with a number calling for his resignation.

Not in the Western Isles. Donnie Gazette is a decent, pleasant man able to do his job and write well.

But something happens to him and his like whenever their party politics is involved. Any kind of objectivity is discarded. Truth and democratic accountability are forgotten. Instead,they form a civic guard around Bruce Wayne's Batmobile and forget to do their jobs.

About time they took off their Boy Wonder outfits and gave the Caped Crusader what he's long overdue.

A thorough grilling about his antics.

Anonymous said...

Going to suggest a new slogan for him for his next election campaign.

'Can't say sorry. Won't say sorry. Doesn't wash.'

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first posting. The weird thing about the SNP is the degree of central control. There are no individuals who will say 'hey, this is wrong' if that goes against the party line. Salmond can't handle dissent and that feeds down to local level.