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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Boys weekend away

It was a boys weekend away at the rugby, and I'm just back having watched a very satisfying (and somewhat surprising) draw.

It was great to be back in Edinburgh for leisure, rather than a rushed visit for work, although the city had a slightly less chaotic feel, perhaps due to the peripheral chaos caused by the tram works keeping the hordes from descending on Princes Street. Or maybe I was just in there too early on Sunday morning to see the drunken masses roused from their pits.

Anyway, us boys had a fantastic time in our excellent seats, and we celebrated in a fine licensed establishment in Corstorphine. My travelling companions with a diet Pepsi and me with a diet Belhaven (or two) to wash down our large and sumptuous meal.

Why the lack of drunken debauchery and tales of the Grassmarket, and go-gos in the Blue Blazer, and pints in the Diggers, and everything else I wouldn't get up to?

My companions were our two boys on their first ever visit to Murrayfield, and were they (briefly) stunned into silence by the size if the crowd and sheer spectacle. Youngest took lots of photos of the animals at the zoo and the animals on the pitch despite his broken arm. No David Bailey, but he certainly had fun.

It looks like a diary date for next year, for all five of us.....

Very many thanks to my good lady wife for organising a wonderful birthday surprise.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree - Scottish rugby internationals make for a great and family friendly day out. Safe, sensible patriotism but nae tries. 2 out of 3 aint bad!

ps.....hope Mrs N enjoyed a weekend of thorough debauchery without you!!

Anonymous said...

It's actually 2 out of 4. We kept the calcutta cup. {:-)

Anonymous said...

Erm, no...unless your "we" meant you're an English fan!! England keep it as they won last year 26-12.

Anonymous said...

2.59 That's why I said 2 out of 4. Good play by your guy to stop the attempted drop goal at the death.