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Friday, March 19, 2010

Six social workers sacked

Well, that's a big step in the right direction.
Its director Colin Tucker said they were not doing their jobs properly and showed "no sign whatsoever" of adhering to expected standards.
This could herald a major cull of public sector jobs if the 'ability' test is brought in across the board.

We have created a social care network where it is always someone else's fault for whatever happens, and where the reaction is that criminality has to be excused because of 'domestic circumstances' or a 'bad upbringing', but where the social workers refuse to do anything to alter these circumstances until it is too late.  Indeed, in many cases they exacerbate the problems by pandering to those who need to be told how to behave, allowing them to behave as they wish and leaving the public purse to pick up the tab.

How many children have ended up in sad situations despite extensive  support from the social work department?

How many families are moved around the country from wrecked council house to wrecked council house until they find somewhere that they can run riot with impunity, terrorising their neighbours (again) but with social workers who pat them on the back rather than challenge their behaviour?

Undoubtedly there are many social workers doing a good job, but the self-important structures they build around themselves don't do many of their 'clients' any favours.


Captain Swing said...

Did anyone else watch this, perhaps we ought to campaign to get the BBC to send this chap here to make a program about the Comhairle, it would make fabulous TV, watching all those middle and senior management sweat it out, will their staff want them to return or not.

Anonymous said...

Captain Swing you just can't help yourself can you? Serious issue, cheap shot.

Anonymous said...

Marxist theories applied to real life situations.

What could possibly go wrong?

Although to be fair to Marx, he did predict a lot of stuff, and saw the link, how poverty and poor social conditions was inherited and passed on.

The question is to what extent does a bad upbringing absolve a person of his crimes. TO what extent is his responsibility?

We also now have to look beyond the socio/economics of Marx's day and look at the genetics. Many of these young tearaways probably have a genetic history where their ancestors where 'livewires'. Not ot mention other factors like poor diet, which encourages things like ADHD.

The question is, what do we do about it?

Captain Swing said...

Anon 10:58

Serious issue, cheap shot.

Yes I agree a very serious issue, unfortunately it took the deaths of how many innocents before those with the power to do something, actually did something?

My point is given the that deaths had to occur first perhaps it would be better if these problems were sorted out first. How much dead wood that doesn't, can't or even won't perform their jobs as they are expected to do them do we have at the Comhairle? How many children, (look at the Castlebay fiasco)how many old people will be poorly looked after and suffer here before some of this dead wood is eradicated?

Why wait untill there is real suffering when there are organisations that can help fix these problems? OK my comment about watching middle and senior management suffering was glib, maybe even a cheapshot, but my main point, that the Comhairle needs looking at was very very serious. Maybe it is only by the grace of what ever God you follow, that something like this hasn't happened here, or did it with the paedophile scandal of a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

What reactionary crap. Of course there are social workers not up to the job, the same as ther are people in every industry who are not up to the task. The difference being social workers are damned if they do and damned if they don't and blamed for everything regardless.
Social work does not work in isolation: the police, probation, courts health, housing and other agencies are usually involved. But why bother with fact when you can blame social workers.
and by the way it is not "clients" it is "service users".
We have just witnessed the tip of the iceberg of the biggest financial fraud and the most monumental incompetence within the private sector banking system, guess it is time to give them a break and throw dirt again at people who work with some of the most difficult and disturbed individuals and families in our communities.

Anonymous said...

Captain Swing is 100% right the people in the council should be looked at very carefully not the poor worker's on the ground but the one's in the white house (or shit house ) as some of the workers call it they should be doing there jobs ,they are the servants to the people or have they forgotten

Dr Evadne said...

I wonder at the reasoning at letting local authorities deal with these complex issues when they can't even keep their own house in order. And here's Monsignor Blurr and his smug boat race in the Stornoway Gusset telling its readership (me and two others) that the Comhairle are capable of taking over the world. Sort out the schools, the roads, planning applications, and your own office first, mate, and then have a go at the health board and the chip shop in Point street.

Anonymous said...

Closer to home how many COU Managers, clerks and followers will be sacked when an ex employee spills the beans - I sense a cover up.

How many in Finance at CnES will be sacked because of the blatant rigging of the Schools project accountancy contract - I sense a cover up.

How many Councillors wined and dined by Oppenheim will fall on their swords now the real Hedge Fund King sells for £200M yes £200Million a piece of paer with planning permission on it.

Social workers yes but lets not forget the activities at the White House.