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Friday, March 05, 2010

MPs pay rises

If there was ever an example of being on a hiding to nothing, and running straight into a good kicking by the public, then the decision by MPs to award themselves a 1.5% pay rise is it.

Ooops, of course, it was an independent review body who took the decisions, so nothing to do with the MPs themselves.

The 'independent' body bases it's independent decision of the average of the pay rises for comparable workers in the public sector: such as judges, NHS managers and senior civil servants.

All of whom have been awarded pay rises by the self-same MPs who really, really, really, didn't realise that giving an increase to these groups would result in an increase for themselves.

What an unfortunate coincidence.

With COSLA likely to recommend pay freezes (or even pay cuts) for the coming years, and with significant job losses on the horizon, especially for the lower paid, the degree to which they are out-of-touch with their voters in election year is just spectacular.

Turkeys and Christmas anyone?

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Anonymous said...

The trouble in 'Great' Britain today is it does not matter which way you throw your vote. This will be evidenced by the low poll rate - people are pi$$ed off with the lot.
They say we get the government we deserve "You lot voted them in" That being the case we have a lot to answer for locally - most of them (like Westminster and Holyrood) are in it for what they can get and on a drunken ego and power trip. They do NOT represent the electorate. This is clearly seen from the outright hostility the public have towards them.