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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Ferry fares (the inevitable)

So ferry fares are to increase by 4.2%, to offset the other cuts in the Scottish Government budget.


The budgets couldn't balance, and with unrealistic promises having been made and trying to be met, something has to give.

The good news is that multi-tickets aren't affected.

The bad news is that they were abolished for us when RET was introduced on the Western Isles routes.

That is the RET pilot scheme, that may or may not be renewed.

But in the meantime, the cost of travelling by car a mile by car is deemed to have increased by 4.2% for the Western Isles; proving that the RET costs bear no relationship to the real costs of driving.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Stevenson
We desperately need a 4.2% Pay Rise which would be fair and reasonable in line withyour inflation busting FAIRS Increase.
Bacon Rolls will shoot up an' all so we will chust have to do what you are doing on the Orkney Ferries and shut down half the engines. Shorter beds and longer in them is the answer.

Anonymous said...

Here you are in the west with subsidised fares on the ferries; to the north we are to have the ferries proceed at half speed to save money and parking charges at Kirkwall airport imposed by HIAL at government dictation. Anyone suggesting government bias in how it manages these things would of course be guilty of extreme cynicism.

Nevertheless, just in case, you boys in the west better know who butters your bread when it comes to the general election.

Anonymous said...

To add to 8.32

"We could also skip a couple of crossings and say it was due to "Technical Difficulties""

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Parents were right about the internal 'promotion' of the Deputy Head to Head, shame on those who allowed that to happen.

AIF said...

Would anyone like to go back to the previous fare system? How about a poll Angus?

Anonymous said...

Re - 1.25

You're going back anyway - probably as soon after the next Holyrood election as possible. It might even be earlier!

There can be no moral or political defence for people living on one edge of Scotland being treated more favourably than those of another.

RET for the Western Isles in its current form cannot be defended.It is simply cash for votes.

Perhaps it's time a certain Caped Crusader lifted up the phone and let Scotland Yard know about the scandal. It's time a little fairness was restored to that ferry issue.

Anonymous said...

9.17 in the north - It may look like favouritism but I can reassure you that really its a complement to your islands. Such is the utter ineptitude of our council that if the government didn't help out now and then we would be like Albania. Apologies to any Albanians...

Anonymous said...

2.28pm - "There can be no moral or political defence for people living on one edge of Scotland being treated more favourably than those of another."

Hear, hear. Let's see the same for fuel prices.

Anonymous said...

Re - 5.05 pm

But it is the same with the northern edges in terms of petrol prices. They pay the same high charges. Yet when Orkney and Shetland MP Alistair Carmichael debated the cost of petrol in his own island group, not one SNP MP decided to turn up. (Yes - I'm aware that AB had suffered a family loss at that time, but it doesn't say much for the party's commitment on this issue that they all decided to absent themselves on this occasion.) Instead, one of them thinks the Lewis Chessmen is a good reason for a Parliamentary Debate. You couldn't make it up, could you?

It is also absolutely unfair that the farthest away islanders in Scotland, those living in Shetland, are to be the ones to pay for RET with reduced power in their engines and longer journeys. As if 12-14 hours in the teeth of a storm is not long enough, they have now to do it on two engines instead of four.

It's little wonder that some of them furious about this - and even less likely than before to give their votes to the SNP!

Anonymous said...

9-17: unfortunately Cal Mac reduced the speed of the ferry 'Isle of Lewis' a year ago, they just didn't tell anyone! She now plods across the Minch at 17 knots on a good day with two engines, when she manages to sail at all....
Of course, any wind more than a breeze and elfin safety dictates she must not leave at all, 'cos she might not be able to tie up again at the other side. Nothing to do with saving a few bob by cancelling a run, because its a lifeline service, innit?

Anonymous said...

6.57 If it were a proper "life line service" then Calmac would place a ferry here that was not top heavy and able to take on the Minch in the depths of winter with ease, going with both engines up to speed,thus providing a proper life line service on a daily basis. Talk to any local and they will tell you that the MV Isle of Lewis is not up to the job.

Anonymous said...

9:14 "Talk to any local and they will tell you that the MV Isle of Lewis is not up to the job."

They'll also frown at you for gardening on a Sunday, and tell you your flowers will die. What the f*** do they know about boat design? Seems to me the the MV Isle of Lewis does a pretty good job, and might be allowed to sail in poorer conditions if the passengers were prepared for a little lurching on their journey, which they are not.